‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Becca Meets The Families Of Her Remaining 4 Suitors

Becca Kufrin meets the families of her final four guys on the July 16 episode of ‘The Bachelorette.’ Here’s our recap of everything that went down!

It’s time for hometown dates on season 14 of The Bachelorette! First, Becca Kufrin heads to meet Garrett’s family. But first, she gets a taste of the family’s agricultural business when Garrett takes her to plant some tomatoes. During the date, the topic of kids comes up, and Becca realizes that she and Garrett are definitely on the same page about their future. However, meeting the family is definitely a big deal…because the last girl Garrett brought home is now his ex-wife.

Garrett’s family is admittedly hesitant, but they welcome Becca with open arms. Becca brings up her concerns about whether or not Garrett is ready for another engagement after his breakup, and his dad urges her to just be honest with Garrett about her feelings — if he isn’t the one…don’t drag him along. Garrett’s mom makes Becca go deeper, though, and makes her really open up about their relationship. However, by the end of their conversation and once she talks to Garrett, she concludes that Becca can definitely make her son happy.

Jason gets the next hometown date, but first, they take part in a wing eating competition (they’re in Buffalo, New York, after all)! It’s followed by a private ice skating date, and the chemistry between Becca and Jason is clear. Still, Jason’s worried that Becca still thinks his feelings aren’t as far along enough as the other guys, and he wants to make sure he’s open with her about how he feels this week.

Jason admits that he’s falling very hard for Becca, but his dad urges him to just be careful with his heart. Meanwhile, his mom grills Becca about whether or not she’s ready to be engaged again so soon after her breakup from Arie Luyendyk Jr. The conversation goes well, but she’s still not certain that Becca thinks Jason is the one. Jason assures his protective mom that his heart tells him that Becca is committed to him, and he’s given even more assurance after speaking with his brother and brother-in-law, who definitely approve of the relationship. By the end of the night, Jason lets Becca know that he’s in love with her.

Blake’s hometown date is next, and beforehand, Becca admits in her confessional that she reciprocates her feelings of love for him. They tour his high school first, and the day is playful and fun. Things get a bit serious, though, when Blake opens up about being a senior in high school during a shooting at the school.

Finally, it’s time to meet the family. His mom immediately recognizes that Blake is happier than he’s ever been, and he assures her that he’s definitely ready to get engaged to Becca. Meanwhile, Blake’s dad warns him that he could get hurt at the end of this, and forces him to really make sure he thinks about what could happen when the relationship isn’t a fairytale down the road. By the end of the night, Becca feels very comfortable with the family, and admits that her feelings for Blake have grown even more.

The last hometown date of the night is Colton’s. He brings her to the Children’s Hospital of Colorado to give her a glimpse into what he loves doing, and it’s beyond heartwarming. Before bringing Becca to meet his family, Colton warns her that she’s the first girl he’s ever formally brought home, and she admits that knowing that is pretty nerve-wracking.

Colton’s parents are worried that Becca isn’t quite ready to be engaged so soon after her breakup from Arie, but he assures them that she wouldn’t put herself in this situation if she wasn’t ready. Colton’s past with Becca’s friend, Tia Booth, is also brought up, but she’s certain that it was never more than a one-time thing and lets Colton’s dad know that she’s confident anything between them is over. After a successful day with the family, Colton finally tells Becca that he’s in love with her.

Becca is torn about what to do after her week, so she brings in some of her girls from The Bachelor for advice. Before long, though, Tia pulls Becca aside to discuss her past with Colton once again. She admits that she still has feelings for Colton and feels sick to her stomach knowing Becca is so far in her relationship with him. Becca is blindsided and frustrated by the confession, and takes a moment to herself to think about what she’s learned.

Blake gets the first rose at the rose ceremony, followed by Jason and Garrett. Of course, that means Colton is heading home. Becca doesn’t bring up Tia when she lets Colton go, but viewers are obviously left wondering if her confession is what made Becca make her decision. However, she does claim in a confessional that what Tia said didn’t affect her decision — it simply wasn’t meant to be with Colton.

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