‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Colton Slams Jordan After He’s ‘Disrespectful’ To Becca — He’s A ‘Clown’

Here’s your recap of the June 18 episode of ‘The Bachelorette!’

And we’re back at the rose ceremony! Blake pulls Becca aside for some alone time. He wants to take her mind off everything that’s been happening, especially David’s shocking accident. Blake talks with Becca about kids, and they both find out that they love boy names for girls. They have a steamy makeout session. It’s just so effortless between them. “Every time I’m with him it just gets better and better,” Becca says.

Meanwhile, Jordan, a.k.a. Ken Doll, is actually happy that David got hurt. This guy is a grade-A dirtbag. He manages to steal some alone time with Becca, but not for long. That’s because David shows up! He came straight from the hospital, revealing his bruised face for the first time. Becca immediately ditches Jordan to talk to David, who says Becca’s call brought such a smile to his face. Becca gives David a rose before the rose ceremony so he can go rest.

Needless to say, Jordan is PISSED. He keeps going on and on about how bad David’s face looks, but it’s actually not that bad. The dude needs to chill. “I may not have a model face, but I have a rose, b*tch,” David says. BURN.

Colton, Chris, and David all have roses before the official ceremony, so the tension is at an all-time high. Jordan is confident he’ll get a rose, and he does. Jason, Wills, Nick, Christon, Lincoln, Blake, Garrett, Leo, John, Connor, and Jean Blanc also get roses. After the rose ceremony is over with, Becca announces they’re heading to snowy Park City, Utah!

Garrett gets the first one-on-one date with Becca in Utah. They just around the town shopping and having fun. Becca admits that she gets butterflies when she’s around Garrett. She feels comfortable around him, especially because she can be her goofy self around him. Becca says that her dad would approve of Garrett. “Garrett is just somebody that he would really, really like,” she admits.

Becca and Garrett go bob sledding at the start of their date. Garrett really embraces the adventure. They’re both really feeling each other. “I trust him so completely,” Becca says, before adding that Garrett reminds her of her dad. But Garrett’s got a past. Garrett confesses that he’s been married before… and divorced. After only two months of marriage, Garrett and his ex called it quits. Garrett says that he “fell in love and got married to the wrong person.” He claims his ex drove a wedge between him and his family and close friends. This revelation scares Becca. She’s worried he’s not ready for long-term commitment. Garrett stresses that he’s all-in. He wants a “partner in life.” Despite his big confession, Becca wants to see much more of Garrett and gives him a rose. She can’t deny that chemistry!

Next up for Becca is the group date — with 13 of the guys. They basically have to audition for Bachelorette Ninja Warrior (which is not a real show) by splitting wood, throwing axes, lifting wood and more. They have to compete for Becca’s attention, so the muscles come out. Jason gets some alone time with Becca. I don’t remember anything that he says, but he’s a good kisser. That’s the only thing about him that’s of any interest.

Colton tells Becca that he’s only been in love once. “When I’m with you, it feels right,” Colton says. As for Jordan, he strips down to his metallic gold boxers. Yeah, this guy is a real winner. “The dude’s a clown,” Colton says. He wants the “antic and bullsh*t” with Jordan to be over and doesn’t think the male model is here for the right reasons. He thinks Jordan is being “disrespectful” to the guys and Becca.

But there’s someone who is actually worse than Jordan, and that’s Jean Blanc. First, he just goes right in for the kiss and declares his love for Becca. He doesn’t even warm up! Becca is very uncomfortable with everything, and she clearly doesn’t feel the same way. She starts to send Jean home, and he digs himself a bigger hole. He says he only said he loved her because he thought that’s what she wanted to hear. That’s not how it works, dude. He is unsuccessful in changing Becca’s mind. Becca is 50 shades of PISSED after what just went down with Jean. She tells the rest of the guys hat if they can’t be honest, then they need to leave. She doesn’t give out a rose.

Becca has to perk up for her one-on-one date with Wills. She’s a little nervous after the whole Jean drama. They hit the snow and have a super nice date. Wills is a super standup guy. He does the right thing and opens up to Becca about his past heartbreak. Becca gives him a rose.

The next morning, Chris Harrison announces there’s no going to be a cocktail party, just a rose ceremony. Becca hands out roses to Leo, Colton, Blake, Jason, Connor, Lincoln, John, Chris, David, and Jordan. Nick and Christon are going home. Now the rest of the guys are off to Vegas!

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