‘Bad’ Santa Claus Makes Children Cry, Tells Little Boy To ‘Get The F*** Out’ Of A Family Fun Event

A man portraying Santa Claus in St. Ives, Cambridgeshire, is under a bit of increased holiday scrutiny after having cursed and swore in front of several children at a family fun event in the community. His identity has not, as yet, been revealed.

The incident began, per Sky News, when fire alarms in the building in which the event was being held were triggered by smoke coming from a neighboring party. Serving as the Santa Claus representative that evening — and nestled in his Christmas nook in order to greet young boys and girls with season’s greetings — things quickly took a turn for the worse as the fire alarm kicked in.

Almost immediately losing his cool as soon as the sirens started up, the Kris Kringle impostor tore his beard from his face and immediately began deploying a string of vulgarities — much to the apparent shock and dismay of the parents and the children present. One eyewitness described the hectic — and completely unexpected — scene as follows.

“People were in the process of vacating the building and in came angry Santa swearing using the most vile language, ripping off his hat and beard with steam literally coming from his ears… not sure why he was so cross?”

One small boy, in particular, was notably upset, allegedly because the Santa Claus in question had “told him and his dad ‘to get the f*** out.’”

As the Sun details, smoke machines being employed by a rave dance party held in the same building are responsible for having triggered the fire alarms. Approximately 50 children and their parents or guardians were in attendance at Santa’s grotto, waiting to have their young ones sit on Santa’s lap to tell him about their Christmas wishes.

One family’s response to the entire affair? To tell their children that the man in the suit wasn’t really Santa Claus, but rather a false impersonation.

“We told our children he wasn’t the real Santa. He was an impostor and will be going on the naughty list.”

For their part, however, the organizers of the event have come to the defense of the foul-mouthed man in the red and white suit. Stating that the man in question “immediately assisted in the evacuation of the building” after the fire alarms had been sounded, it looks like there may have been little malice behind his harsh language, instead being more immediately concerned with the safety of all present rather than in polite discourse.

Festival Events St. Ives issued a full apology for the incident immediately following this explanation, and it appears that nobody was harmed at the event.

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