BBC Epically Trolls Donald Trump Over Royal Wedding Crowd Vs. Inauguration Crowd

Just saying…

Huge crowds gathered for today’s Royal Wedding to catch a glimpse of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the rest of the Royal Family on the big day. In early 2017, in the U.S., the crowds that gathered for Donald Trump’s inauguration failed to measure up, and BBC 3 trolled the POTUS in a now-viral tweet comparing the turnout on the two days.

Throughout the highly anticipated event, the edgy BBC network posted on social media, leaving nothing sacred, but they fully outdid themselves with the Trump troll, according to a Washington Post report.

Even before the royal couple exchanged vows, BBC 3 took to Twitter and compared crowds from the streets of Windsor before the Royal Wedding and the National Mall at Trump’s inauguration. Twitter users loved the tweet with nearly 60,500 retweets and over 175,000 likes at publication.

Not everybody felt the love, though. In fact, plenty of people called it out as the neverending fake news, and in checking facts, it actually might be somewhat fake news. An estimated 100,000 people showed up to catch a glimpse during the Royal Wedding today, which is less than the crowd that showed up to watch as Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States.

Even so, most people remember how Donald Trump boasted that he had the hugest inauguration crowd ever, which wasn’t right. According to The Hill, President Barack Obama’s crowd in 2009 turned out significantly more significant than the crowd Donald Trump attracted in 2017.

Even so, the two images indeed appeared to show significantly more massive crowds in Windsor today, but it was due, in part, to the perspective and angle of the respective shots. Ultimately, to cover once they realized the Royal Wedding crowd wasn’t larger, BBC 3 asked fans to tweet pictures of their favorite large crowds, and the got plenty of incredible looking crowds.

In addition to the crowd troll, BBC 3 also crowned American Bishop Michael Curry who raised eyebrows and caused some uncomfortable squirming with his message the MVP of the Royal Wedding. They certainly kept up one of the more entertaining live tweets of the wedding ceremony today providing some alternative, snarky, and irreverent (we’re looking at you “they see me rollin’” Queen tweet) entertainment for the entire world.

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