Becca Just Revealed Why She Got Up During Colton’s Virginity Discussion, & It Changes EVERYTHING

Colton Underwood is a definite contender to win over Becca Kufrin’s heart on The Bachelorette. This is why it was so hard to watch during Monday night’s episode, when Colton revealed he’s a virgin during a one-on-one date, prompting the Bachelorette to walk away for a moment to mull over the information — or at least that’s what it looked like. However, there’s one detail about Becca’s response to Colton’s virginity on The Bachelorette that has just recently come to light and it’ll totally change the way you watch the episode.

Colton was clearly very nervous to discuss his virginity with Becca since it’s not something he’s shared with many people (well, until going on this show, that is). And while it’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of, it was also understandable that Becca wanted to take a moment to digest this new piece of information. It wasn’t too long before she came back, though long enough that it definitely made Colton nervous that he wasn’t going to be getting that rose after all. Of course, he had nothing to worry about and Becca appreciated him sharing such a big part of himself with her. This is what fans saw when they tuned in to the show, but it turns out that’s not exactly how the moment played out in real life.

Becca live-tweeted during the episode and divulged that she only got up from the table to go to the bathroom, meaning her brief absence had nothing to do with what Colton told her at all.

"For the record I think I got up just to go to the bathroom sooooo…," Becca tweeted out to her followers. And just in case you’re thinking this was just an attempt to make herself look better (for those who were upset she abandoned Colton at such a crucial moment), Colton also took to the social media site to confirm her story.

"Can confirm," he wrote. "There was 0 intent to be disrespectful…I definitely did not take it that way."

Obviously, this shapes the narrative in a completely different way. Cutaway shots had shown Becca looking out at the night sky, presumably pondering what she should do now that she knows more about Colton’s sexual history, or lack thereof. But those shots could’ve been taken from other points throughout the night, not necessarily immediately after Becca walked away.

Once again, ABC has foiled fans with their editing trickery, making it seem as though something is way more dramatic and exciting than it actually is. It’s happened countless times before, even during this very season, like when David was taken to the emergency room after falling out of his top bunk in the Bachelor mansion. Despite the promos making it seem like Jordan was responsible for the mysterious injury, it was all just a simple accident. The situation with Becca and Colton is very similar to that, except that now, they’re calling the show out for it to help set the record straight.

Looking back on the episode with this newfound information definitely changes the vibe of the entire scene, making it all much less intense. Granted, the tension and drama is all part of the fun of watching reality television, but it’s still an interesting detail to uncover. It makes you wonder what else was cut out from that moment between the two of them. Did Becca really get up and leave right after Colton opened up to her or did the editing only make it seem like it happened so soon? (This franchise is going to leave us all facing some major trust issues.)

Either way, viewers can rest easy knowing that Becca and Colton are not only on solid footing on the show, but they also have each other’s backs in the present day. Perhaps it even indicates that these two end up together by the end of the season.

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