‘Becoming’ Michelle Obama: Even the queen’s shoes hurt, and 5 more things we didn’t know

The big revelations from Michelle Obama’s new memoir have made headlines, including the fact that she and Barack Obama turned to in vitro fertilization to conceive their two daughters.

There are also some smaller tidbits in “Becoming,” being published by Crown on Tuesday, that are new. Here are a half-dozen of them:

1. Hillary Clinton’s advice.

After moving into the White House, Michelle Obama sat down with one of her predecessors as first lady, Hillary Clinton, by then secretary of State. Michelle’s new role was undefined and sometimes perplexing, “a strange kind of sidecar to the president.”

Hillary Clinton was candid about her own missteps. She told her successor that “she’d misjudged the country’s readiness to have a proactive professional woman in the role of First Lady,” Michelle Obama recalls. “She’d tried to do too much too quickly, it seemed and had run straight into a wall.”

During the next eight years, she said, “I myself tried to be mindful of that wall.”

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