Bella Hadid Gets Into The Holiday Spirit With Steamy Photoshoot

It’s Bella’s turn at LOVE’s famous Advent Calendar, and this Hadid puts on a far less controversial show.

For LOVE magazine’s latest YouTube video, Bella Hadid takes center stage with a monster truck tire and a sledgehammer. Why? Because art, that’s why.

Actually, it seems more an excuse to get Bella to perform some physical labor as she vainly attempts to bash the tire with her hammer. That’s not really how one recycles used tires, but LOVE is a fashion mag, not a public services and environmental health publication.

You have to admit, she sure looks good doing… whatever it is she’s doing. Wearing a seasonally appropriate (at least color-wise) red garter with matching bra, black leggings, matching strappy heels and bangle earrings, Bella practically screams redneck Christmas while crushing a Budweiser on her forehead.

For some reason, it’s very wet on this particular photo shoot, so Bella has to be extra careful the sledgehammer doesn’t fly out of her moistened grip.

The whole video is set to music you’d more likely find at a bathhouse, which Bella has called her “hammer jam”. She eventually ends by flipping the tire (perhaps as a metaphor for flipping a table – which is itself a metaphor) and then posing with the now customary “stay strong” closing message.

Tires? Lingerie? It’s festive!

As bizarrely steamy as Bella’s photo shoot was, it’s nowhere near as controversial as her sister’s. Last week Gigi Hadid starred in her own Advent Calendar video where she showed off her kickboxing and volleyball skills. She also showed off some of the hairiest armpits the modeling world has ever seen.

Social media was divided on how to handle Gigi’s fur. One camp was very in favor of the empowering move, pointing out the massive gender hypocrisy when it comes to body hair, while the other was very much against a model of Gigi’s caliber having anything but smooth-as-porcelain pits.


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