Bella Poarch on Her New Single ‘Dolls’: ‘It’s About Not Letting Bullies Get To You’

TikTok superstar Bella Porch is back with a brand new single and kick-ass video, “Dolls.” It’s Poarch’s third single, following “Build a Bitch” and “Inferno,” a collaboration she did with Sub Urban.

Speaking with Variety, Poarch, who has 90 million followers on TikTok and 14 million on Instagram, said her latest release was inspired by her viral debut, “Build a Bitch.” She says, “’Dolls’ is more about revenge and the satisfaction of fighting back.” She added, “It’s about not letting the bullies get to you, and helping one another.”

The video, directed by Andrew Donoho (who also did her earlier clips), picks up where “Build a Bitch” left off. Poarch leads a revolt as she liberates other dolls from stores and the factory that created them. In the video, Poarch and the other “Dolls” attempt to destroy the company that designed and made their ideal women.

The video features a host of cameos including Chloe Cherry, Bretman Rock, Madison Beer, YouTube star Sykkuno and Grimes.

Getting Grimes to appear was easy; Poarch says the two are friends: “She’s one of the coolest friends I’ve ever had. She’s down to do so many cool and artistic things.” So when Poarch invited her to be in the video for “Dolls,” Grimes accepted.

The two swapped ideas about incorporating fight stunts and adding in a fight scene. “She was totally down for it,” Poarch says.

Poarch does have a stunt double in the video, Lee Chesely, who did the “hard stuff,” Poarch says. “The scene where I’m pushed and kicked into the wall, that was Lee.”

Chesley started working with Grimes and Poarch a few weeks beforehand for fight training. She says, “Working on the music video was a lot of fun. Bella and Grimes were awesome to work with. Everyone was positive and hard-working, and it was awesome to see them put so much work into it.”

The music video was able to weave in anime and her love for video games, particularly fight games. She admits she is also a huge video game fan. “I love fighting games, like ‘Mortal Kombat’ and ‘Tekken.’”

Poarch will follow the single release with an EP, due out next month. She hints she would like to perform live soon. “I’m looking forward to that because I keep telling everyone that I’m a performer, even though I have social anxiety. When the lights and camera are on me, it’s different,” Poarch admits.

With the videos for “Build a Bitch” and “Dolls” telling a story, is this the beginning of the Bella Cinematic Universe? It could be. Poarch entertains the idea of acting too. She confesses, “I do want to be a superhero for Marvel. That’s always been my dream.”

 Poarch’s debut EP, “Dolls” will be released on Aug. 12.

Watch the “Dolls” video below.


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