Bella Thorne’s Bedroom Instagram Post Will Make You Feel Relaxed

If there’s one person who knows how to chill out and relax, it’s Bella Thorne.

Bella Thorne proved her calm and tranquil cred in her latest Instagram post that features the model slash actress lying down on her bed completely au naturale. The normally made-up Thorne (at least for her photos) was totally bare for her latest photo, and it wasn’t just her face that was bare.

Wearing nothing but a red long-sleeved shirt and white lace panties, Bella’s pic is an intimate look at what it would be like in her bedroom on a Tuesday morning. It’s also an intimate look at Bella, but she’s used to that by now.

It’s hard to tell if that shirt is a cutoff or if she’s deliberately hiked it high to show off her midriff. Or maybe she just wore it short so she could show off her latest ink, which you can see for yourself on the full pic here.

Before you get too excited, that string of symbols under her right breast is apparently not yet permanent. Thorne posted a selfie of her chest several weeks ago sporting some brand new tattoos but captioned with the question, “Should I get this tat” along with a heart emoji. Most of Bella’s nearly 17 million followers were very, very supportive.

Those temporary tattoos must last a long time since she originally posed the question some weeks ago.

Class for Friday let's go #nyfw

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They also wouldn’t be Bella’s first inkings either. Thorne has a total of 10 tattoos all over her body, from a kitten right behind her ear to a crescent moon with two stars she got on her calve in December of 2016. She also has the words “wild” and “kitty” on her calves, “I love you” under her left shoulder, and “B2 – Bella Squared” on her wrist – a tribute to her best friend, Bella Pandergast.

Thorne has been on an Instagram spree in the lead up to the Holidays, with several steamy photos of her decked out for Christmas posted there. She also had a cute photo of her cat since the internet can never have enough cute cat photos.

It's getting very close to that time of year ❤️❤️

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