Beloved bus driver laid to rest in school bus casket

Devoted school bus driver David Wright left this world in the vehicle he was committed to driving while alive.

On Sunday, the 76-year-old was buried in a bright yellow custom casket, made to look like a school bus for the Tennessee school district he drove for, Local 12 reports.

“Besides the grandkids, that’s something he loved more than anything, being behind the wheel of that bus,” his son Calvin told CNN.  

Wright, who passed away on August 13, had served the Wilson County school system for over 50 years, driving over three generations of families on his bus.

A Wilson County Schools representative said he was, “an incredible man with so many amazing stories to his credit.”

“Mr. Wright was a selfless leader his entire life by being the example we should all strive to be,” the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement to Local 12.

Wright had been honored for his service weeks prior to his death, when Wilson County Schools announced they would rename their transportation department for him. His funeral at Lebanon High School attracted a huge crowd.

The casket was made by family-owned Nashville Casket Sales and was the idea of Wright’s son Calvin and his grandkids.

Photos show the inside of the casket with an image of Wright, smiling behind the wheel of his bus.

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