Ben Simmons Reportedly Beefs Up Security Since He Thinks Tinashe Is Following Him & Kendall Jenner, Per ‘TMZ’

Ben Simmons reportedly thinks his former girlfriend, singer Tinashe, is following him and his current girlfriend, Kendall Jenner. Now, he’s beefing up his security in order to keep her away.

According to a July 9 report by TMZ, Ben Simmons could have a bit of a situation on his hands. The NBA star’s ex-girlfriend, Tinashe, claimed that he had been texting her while he was out with Kendall Jenner. Now, Ben allegedly thinks that Tinashe has crossed the line and is even following him and Kendall Jenner around L.A.

Sources tell the outlet that Tinashe has been popping up at many of the places Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner are, and that it has been too many times to be a coincidence. In recent weeks, the singer showed up at Delilah, Poppy, and WeHo while Simmons was there. Ben allegedly believes that Tinashe can’t get over the fact that he broke up with her and has moved on with Kendall.

Sources claim that Simmons believes Tinashe is trying to keep tabs on him, and that she has become obsessive about his relationship with Jenner. Now he’s hiring more security to not only keep the singer away from him, but also keep Kendall safe if Tinashe were to try and start some drama during one of their run-ins.

Tinashe has reportedly acknowledged that she lied about Ben Simmons texting her while he was out with Kendall Jenner, which seems to validate Ben’s worries and need to hire security even further.

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kendall Jenner never believed Tinashe’s comments about Ben Simmons texting her. In fact, sources tell Hollywood Life that the model is very happy in her new relationship and has no cause for worry.

“Kendall has no insecurities when it comes to her relationship with Ben. It’s clear as day that he’s super into her, so she doesn’t believe that he would mess her around.”

In addition, Kendall Jenner is said to have “fallen hard” for Ben Simmons, and that while she usually focuses on her career and shies away from serious relationships, she has found herself getting very close to Ben this summer.

“Kendall has fallen really hard for Ben, which she hadn’t planned on doing. Up until now she’s always been all about her career, and she’s kept relationships on a casual basis — but, it’s just different this time,” an insider dished.

It remains to be seen if Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons’ relationship lasts past the summer when she starts taking more modeling jobs and he returns to Philadelphia for the start of the new NBA season.

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