Bernice Burgos Loving Attention From Meek Mill & T.I.’s Feud — But Who Means More To Her?

Bernice Burgos is sitting back and soaking in all of the attention she’s getting over this Meek Mill and T.I. apparent feud over her! But, which rapper is she stuck on? Here’s the tea…

Bernice Burgos, 38, is living her best life as fans continued to obsess online over the apparent feud between Meek Mill, 31, and T.I., 37 — which is seemingly about her! The two rappers are reportedly at odds over Burgos, and she’s been getting a ton of looks for it. “Bernice loves that she’s getting all this attention from Meek, T.I., and their fans. To hear that that they’re beefing over her is a huge boost to her ego, as well as her online presence and status as a social media influencer,” a source close to Burgos tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Burgos has a history with both rappers and she’s confident that they’re not over her, despite Tip still being married to Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 43. “She knew neither of them were over her, and this just proves it to her and to everyone else,” the insider says, adding that Burgos feels like she has total control and loves it. SO, who still has her undivided attention? — The pal says if she had to choose, “hands down T.I. is the one that still has her heart.”

“Bernice is always doing things to try and get T.I.’s attention. She knows he still wants her, but the fact that he cares about her enough to get into it with Meek over her, well that’s huge,” the source admits. “She would love to get him back in her life, but for now she’s playing it cool and just using social media to tease him.”  

Incase you didn’t know, Meek posted a selfie on Instagram with the caption, “don’t come to me about no ho!”, on September 14. Fans were confused as to who the rapper was talking about, until they (somehow) determined he was referencing Burgos. Like we said, they have some history. — She showed up to his birthday party back in May 2017 … with Tip.

Now, we say apparent feud, because Meek and Tip just dropped a music video, for “Jefe,” together on September 12. But, Tip didn’t help the feud rumors when he commented “TUH” below Meek’s post. Then, Meek later posted an Instagram story saying, “You can’t cuff a jawn one ya close homies dunked already that’s a rule dawg.” So, what really is happening here, guys? — Either way, Burgos is basking in the attention, and who could blame her!

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