Best Cleaning Tool: UVee Play

Wipes and sprays are a huge help when it comes to keeping your house clean, but there’s one tool that makes keeping clean simple (and looks way cooler than a gigantic box of wipes on the counter). Coming in a discreet case, the UVee Home Play will sanitize children’s toys, makeup brushes, your phone, baby bottles and yes, your personal adult toys. Totally up to you.

The UVee was invented and developed by a mother-daughter team, Carrie Martz and Brooke O’Connor, who were researching alternative ways to clean adult toys. Their patented system is several times more effective than traditional sprays and foam cleaners, so if you really want to get that pacifier sanitized, this is an ideal way to do it.

The UVee system uses a specialized UV-C germicidal light as well as custom designed interior waffled reflectors, which together can kill 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria. The product comes in two sizes: the Home Play Unit and the GO Play Unit. The Home Play takes ten minutes to sanitize products, while the slightly smaller GO Play takes five minutes and has a rechargeable battery to allow for travel. Both cases, however, contain USB charging stations and features locks for privacy.

The Home Play is available now for $179.99, while the GO Play is available for $119.99. Keep your valuables cleaner with this easy, convenient system. Pick them up today!

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