Best Garden Bench 2019 | The Sun UK

GARDEN benches are hugely popular for gardening lovers, and people who enjoy being outdoors.

But with a huge selection available to snap up it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the options, so what is the best garden bench to chose from?

For those looking for a bench to take pride of place in the garden, or on the patio, but with a simplistic design a traditional wooden style is for you.

Although classic linear designs are hugely popular with shoppers, some may want a more ornate decoration, in which case metal benches are guaranteed to be the best fit.

While some shoppers may prefer designs to fit a cosy two people, others may wish for larger seating space or for it to transform into a picnic table to accommodate even more guests.

Benches can even have extra storage fitted underneath, which is a must have for those strapped for space.

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