Beverly Hills Teen Gets Her $5,000 Monthly Allowance Cut To $1,000, Says She Feels Like A ‘Peasant’ [Opinion]

Nicolette appeared on ‘Dr. Phil’ to complain about her heinous treatment.

A Beverly Hills teenager went on Dr. Phil this week to complain about the heinous abuse she’s suffering at the hands of her mother. Specifically, the young lass says that she’s being treated like a “peasant” after her mom cut her $5,000 monthly allowance down to $1,000, Yahoo News is reporting.

If you’ve ever had any doubt that the super-rich live their lives differently than you and I do, you won’t after reading the story of Nicolette, the 15-year-old who appeared on the show on Tuesday.

Her mom, Nina, said that Nicolette’s spending has been so bad that in the past year, she estimates that she’s spent about $100,000 on her daughter, either through her allowance or by simply paying her credit card bills for her.

“Some months, her credit card bills would be $10K. I just paid the bill.”

That’s just fine with Nicolette, who admitted that in a perfect world her monthly allowance would be $10k. However, her mom tried – and apparently failed – to keep the monthly limit at $5,000. That has clearly not been working, so Nina cut the young lady’s allowance down to the bone – $1,000 per month.

That won’t do for Nicolette. Up until this point, her life has been filled with designer name brands, personal drivers, a trainer, and other trappings of the One Percent. Having to get by on only 10 Benjamins per month, she says, is equivalent to treating her like a “peasant.”

Are Nina and Nicolette ready to change their relationship? #DrPhil

— Dr. Phil (@DrPhil) May 2, 2018

If you don’t have any sympathy for Nicolette’s plight – and few Dr. Phil watchers do (but more on that later) – you may be surprised to learn that there’s more to the story.

At the heart of Nicolette and Nina’s problem is not money: It’s a problem that faces many parents, wealthy or not. It’s about a parent’s inability to be there for their child.

So busy is Nina that she’s been almost literally unable to parent her daughter. Instead, Nicolette has been essentially living on her own, using her mother’s money to meet her needs (however extravagant), attending online high school, and either being alone or in the company of hired strangers for most of her life, as Nicolette explains.

“Other people would have their moms drive them places, buy them food, make them food. But I have to do everything myself. And I need the funds for that.”

She also had some harsh words for her mom.

“You created me … you raised me. You should have done better. … I was never loved as a child. I feel like I never was. She just gave me money. … I feel like she ruined my whole childhood.”

Needless to say, Dr. Phil fans aren’t exactly sympathetic.

Let me get this straight, I’ve worked my whole life and put myself through college three times to get what I have. But this kiddo feels like she’s entitled to a car that makes me take the bus? So confused Dr. Phil so glad you can set the record straight

— Beth Ann Sams (@AolSams) May 2, 2018

I have very little faith that mom will apply the brakes. This was so painful to watch. I wanted to throw her in some kind of work camp. And that’s the kindest thing I wanted to do.

— EJK (@Kemp_ejk) May 2, 2018

However, Nicolette is getting some sympathy, but it’s not from Dr. Phil viewers. It’s from parenting experts.

Sharon Silver, creator of the Proactive Parenting website, says that Nicolette knows only material things in place of love. That, says Silver, is the mother’s fault.

“She has been trained to value material things. So it’s unsurprising that she’s raging at losing what she learned meant love.”

How does Silver suggest that Nicolette and Nina repair their rift? Two things: First, Nicolette needs to spend unspoiled quality time with her daughter, where she gives her 100 percent of her attention, rather than parenting through money. Secondly, Silver suggests taking away Nicolette’s most over-the-top possessions and letting the young lady earn them back with good behavior.

Whether or not Nicolette is going to accept that remains to be seen.

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