Beyonce & JAY-Z: The Real Reason Why They Skipped The Met Gala — Avoiding Kim Kardashian?

Beyonce and JAY-Z were no-shows at the Met Gala this year and fans want to know why. Now rumors are surfacing that Bey may not have liked some of the people on the guest list!

Beyonce, 36, and JAY-Z, 48, didn’t grace the Met Gala’s red carpet with their presence on May 7 and fans want to know why. The singer is often a showstopper, and with a theme like Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination people couldn’t wait to see what the Queen Bey would come up with. They waited but, nope, no Beyonce. Now an insider has EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife why the “Halo” singer skipped the event. The person claims Bey and JAY wanted to avoid certain celebs on the guest list. “Beyonce and JAY were invited to the Met but they said, ‘No way, no thanks,’” the source says. “Some of the people Beyonce dislikes most in the industry, all in one place, was something she was not going to subject herself to at this point in her career. She was fine with Solange going, but after she found out who else was invited, Beyonce decided she did not need the stress of avoiding awkward conversations all night. So she passed.”

That begs the question, who was she trying to avoid? The insider claims Kim Kardashian, 37, was top of the list. “Beyonce was not interested in going to a party with Kim for sure,” the person says. “Beyonce feels like if she and JAY would have decided to go, then Kanye would have gone with Kim too, which may have created an uncomfortable situation for all. They all still have a lot of unresolved issues.” The source also claims that Beyonce was trying to avoid Cardi B, 25, too. The insider says, “There are other, younger artists like Cardi, that Beyonce is also not a huge fan of privately, but publicly she feels forced to smile and be polite around.”

However, a rep for Beyonce has slammed the claims that the star was trying to avoid Kim, Kanye and  Cardi B, as “nonsense” and “lies.” The spokeswoman said, ‘The only truth is her husband surprised her and took her on vacation.” It’s understandable why people would claim that Beyonce and JAY-Z are trying to avoid Kim and Kanye West, 40. It’s no secret that the rapper and JAY-Z’s relationship has been strained over the years. Kanye slammed the New Yorker and his wife during an onstage rant in November 2016. But despite admitting that Kanye had “crossed the line,” during an August 2017 interview, in April JAY-Z told David Letterman on his show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, that Kanye is his “little brother.”  As for Cardi B and Beyonce, the two women were all smiles when they met at the Made In America festival in September 2017. If Cardi B wasn’t Bey’s favorite person then, she’s certainly a good actress!

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