Beyonce’s Stage Malfunction: She’s Rescued With Ladder After Flying Stage Breaks Down

Talk about a close call! Beyonce suffered a major stage malfunction while performing in Warsaw, Poland on June 30, when a floating stage broke and left her stranded! She had to be rescued by a crew with a ladder!

The stage let Beyonce, 36, down during her concert in Warsaw, Poland on Saturday, June 30. The singer was stranded on a raised stage, when one of the moving stages below her malfunctioned towards the end of her show. In numerous, now viral fan videos, Bey was seen trapped with no way of getting down to the below stage. She appeared a tad bit nervous when stranded above the crowd, however, she kept her cool as she awaited the stage crew’s arrival with a ladder.

Bey, dressed in a sexy black bodysuit and thigh highs, even stopped to do some quick dance moves while blowing kisses to the crowd. — A way of thanking them for sticking out the malfunction with her. Eventually, a few crew members guided her down a ladder to the lower stage, where she was greeted with major applause for her return to the stage. But, talk about a scary moment, right? Take a look at what the fans caught on camera!

Queen Bey and her hubby, JAY-Z, 48, are currently on their On The Run II tour, where they even dropped a surprise joint album, Everything Is Love by The Carters, during their stop in London in late June. Additionally, they released the music video for “Apesh-t,” a track off the album featuring MigosQuavo, 27, which was filmed in secret at the Louvre museum in Paris. The joint album is a first for the couple, who began working on the record years ago, despite joining forces on past songs.

The hip hop couple recently completed the UK leg of their tour before heading to continental Europe. The tour, which began in June, arrives in North America later this year.

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