Big Brother All-Stars Blowout: Finally, a Nominee Wins Power of Veto — So Who's the Replacement?

For the first time this season, one of the nominees wins Power of Veto guaranteeing a switch-up on the nomination block — plus, Dani gets sloppy with her alliances!

We’re just about a month into this new season of “Big Brother,” and regardless of its All-Stars status, things have been pretty lame so far. A big power alliance got all the power and basically has won everything so they’ve kept all the power.

No one is really looking to rock the boat. From Day 1, Janelle has been the target and anyone who was aligned with her or close to her was also sent packing. And now that she’s gone, the house is going for a clean sweep with Kaysar on the block.

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Head of Household Enzo threw Kevin up next to him as an obvious pawn and it looked like it was going to be another dull week. That is until the unexpected happened. One of the nominees actually won the Power of Veto, assuring that at least something was going to happen this week.

Kaysar continued to get dumped on by everyone, even as he did what anyone on the block would do and tried to save his game. Enzo seemed to just tolerate him, while Bayleigh actually snapped at him over using the expression, “Think about it.”

Is that expression an insult? An attack? Can she say for sure she’s never used it when she wants someone to really consider what she’s saying. Regardless, she clearly took offense to it and while Kaysar was down, she snapped at him.

He quickly made it clear he’d meant no offense, which seemed pretty clear in context, but it definitely rubbed Bayleigh the wrong way. So the end result was that both of them came out of that little chat upset, meaning no one’s the winner.

It’s always hard to watch the people on the outside of power alliances scrambling because those in power can sometimes get a little cocky and a little mean to those not in power. Especially if they’re in power week in and week out.

Last season, when the power in the house flipped, you got to see what happened when the powerful became powerless and had to take a look at how they’d been treating everyone as they tried to scramble to save themselves. And yet, it’s so hard to reflect on your behavior when you’re on top … for some reason.

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Too Many Alliances?

Tyler is the master of being in all the alliances, and Cody seems to be having no trouble juggling allegiances, but Dani might just be a little overwhelmed being in two power alliances with the guys.

Right now, with Enzo in power, it’s smart to lean into the Slick Six alliance, and just keep his eye off of The Committee. It’s been working overall, until Dani decided that the Six needed to have a meeting.

So she slipped into the HOH Room and told Tyler as much. The only problem is that Nicole was there. Dani is working with Nicole, as is Tyler, just not as part of the Six. And Dani has just name-dropped Bayleigh and Da’Vonne (from the Slick Six).

Even more remarkable, she could have probably weaseled her way out of it by saying that The Committee needs to get together to make sure they know what they want to happen with the vote this week, but instead she froze.

After she awkwardly walked out, Tyler showed how it was done, protecting his own game quickly by deflecting all of Nicole’s attention to Dani and the fact she clearly almost let something drop. He didn’t mention that it was a side alliance he was also part of it, instead feigning ignorance.

He’s so good at this game.

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Another endurance comp, this Power of Veto certainly looked stacked against Kevin and Kaysar. Enzo, Tyler and Bayleigh were all competing, and all were gunning to keep the nominations the same.

And of the six people in it (Kevin chose David to compete), only Enzo and Tyler had won anything. To say they were feeling pretty confident was an understatement. But both Kevin and David had something to prove.

David wanted to shut down the naysayers and prove he deserved to be in the house after proving last week that he was practically inept at the social strategies of the game. Meanwhile, Kevin just wanted to prove he could save himself after his second time on the block.

Two floaters trying to change their narrative. And even though Kevin wasn’t the target this week, he still made a huge statement. In fact, both men did extremely well, with David outlasting all the other comp beasts before falling to Kevin.

Unfortunately for Kaysar, he fell first and pretty much guaranteed his eviction. If Janelle couldn’t change her fate in this allianced-up house, there’s no way he’s going to be able to do it. As for Enzo, one pawn is as good as another.

He’d considered bold moves like backdooring Ian, who could get evicted if he hits the block, or even throwing Dani up there after she outed the Slick Six to Nicole, but went the safe route. Christmas offered herself up as a pawn and he took the offer.

It would be shocking for Kaysar to stay against Christmas. Everyone wants him gone, no one is even thinking about her at this stage of the game.

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Houseguest Report Cards

Tyler Crispen deftly deflected Dani’s screw-up, proving how much his head is in this game. Plus, he’s in Enzo’s ear through the Slick Six alliance, proving that he’s got influence and power no matter who’s in charge. His only fear is someone outside his alliance(s) getting HOH. Grade: A+

Cody Calafiore is still right there with Enzo, and even though he’s not part of the Slick Six, he’s got a final two with the Meow-Meow, one with Nicole, one with Memphis and the Committee in his pocket. And he’s getting tight with Tyler. He’s got options for days. Grade: A

Enzo Palumbo is playing a very smart HOH, giving the house Kaysar on a silver platter with a pawn sitting next to him. This week’s eviction seems a foregone conclusion, and he’s got no one gunning for him next week. Plus, he’s in tight with the guys running the house, which puts him in a good position for a while. Grade: A-

Christmas Abbot made a huge statement of loyalty to Enzo by being his pawn. It also could keep their alliance under the radar. And with both of them good social players and comp beasts, this could be a very important alliance as the game progresses. Plus, with one each in The Committee and Slick Six, they’re positioned to protect one another no matter who’s in power. Grade: A-

Nicole Franzel doesn’t have to do anything and she’s sitting pretty. Everyone talks about Ian as a dangerous former winner, but they all seem to think she’s no threat, like they know her game. She could ride these alliances deep into the game and then do her sweet backstabbing thing. Grade: B

Da’Vonne Rogers is playing a cooler game this season and she’s in a power alliance. She needs that to become a more real alliance than some of its members believe it is, and she needs Dani not to blow it up. Mostly, though, she needs to win something and take more control of her own fate soon. Grade: B

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Bayleigh Dayton snapped at Kaysar for no reason we could see this week, but as he’s going that might not matter much. However, if it means she’s going to be short of temper and defensive with people not in power when she is, that could be damaging long term to her game. Hopefully, it was a one-off blip. She did listen to David, despite his slip-ups. Grade: B-

Memphis Garrett has faded into the background. When people remember him, they’re going to remember that he went rogue and did his own thing, but until then he can work on building strong interpersonal relationships to make it harder to vote him out when the house comes for him. Grade: C+

Daniele Briones is sliding down these rankings fast because her very dangerous social game got a little sloppy this week. People were already worrying they couldn’t trust her, because they know how hard she’s playing that social game, and now they’re worrying she might out alliances. That’s not good in the long-term, so she needs to tighten up her game. Grade: C

Kevin Campbell saved himself from the block, but he was in no real danger of going home. The problem is that there are huge alliances in the house and might all decide to take him out before they turn on each other (especially with Tyler, Cody and Dani in both groups). Once Kaysar is gone, floaters beware! Grade: C

David Alexander is doing some damage control, but while he had a good showing in the POV, he did not win. Bayleigh seemed willing to at least hear him out, so now he just needs to work on Da’Vonne, Cody and Tyler, No small task but what else can he do? His back will soon be against the wall if he doesn’t mend these fences and make something happen. Grade: D+

Ian Terry is trying and failing to not be noticed. It doesn’t help that Cody knows just how dominant he was in his winning season and isn’t afraid to tell people what a threat he is. His odds of making it to the jury (or much past that) are slim at best. He needs to pick up on this and start playing harder. Grade: D

Kaysar Ridha is collateral damage to Janelle’s mere existence in the house. Had she never walked in, he’d be more in the boat Kevin is in than sitting on the block as the main target this week. Alas, his fate was sealed Day 1 and the house is determined to follow through. Grade: D-

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House Chatter

  • “Old me would have seen these things coming.” –Kevin (embarrassed after nominations)
  • “Everyone wants Kaysar out. So I gotta put someone up there that no one’s coming after.” –Enzo (telling Kevin he’s a pawn)
  • “Just for the record, I’m a queen, not a pawn.” –Kevin (not buying the “I like you” story)
  • “What am I supposed to do? I’m not gonna go against the grain. I’m trying not to ruffle any f–king feathers … If I’m making seven people f–king happy by doing this, why wouldn’t I do that?’ –Enzo (telling Kaysar why he’s evicted)
  • “The only relationship we’re going to have is a long distance one with you outside the house.” –Enzo (not interested in Kaysar’s offer)
  • “Who would you put up?” –Ian (talking game with Enzo after he said Kaysar didn’t)
  • “Why even get into that.” –Enzo (not taking the bait)
  • This kid on his season, he won the Weeks 7, 9, 11 and 13. Bro, that’s four of the eight last weeks of the season. That’s jury on.” –Cody (to Enzo about Ian’s winning season)
  • “You are not good with them. They had already formed their cushy alliances. Think about it.” –Kaysar (to Bayleigh)
  • “I’m not stupid. Don’t say ‘Think about it.’ I get the concept, I’m not stupid.” –Bayleigh
  • “I’m not saying you’re stupid.”
  • “Sounded a little condescending. I’m very aware.”
  • “Enzo and I are the only ones playing in this Veto who’ve won anything.” –Tyler
  • “I’m so disappointed. All I keep thinking about is, this could be the end of my ‘Big Brother’ career.” –Kaysar (after falling during Veto competition)
  • “Kevin was looking over at me like, why are you still hanging on? Kevin, I also have something to prove to this house. If you want this, beat me.” –David
  • “I think we need a meeting.” –Dani (to Tyler about Slick Six, but in front of Nicole)
  • “She just slipped.” –Tyler (redirecting focus away from him with Nicole after Dani left)

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