‘Big Brother’ Fans Accuse Contestant Of Using Ice Cream Scoop To Touch Houseguests’ Vaginas

Eww! A ‘Big Brother’ contestant was caught on camera using an ice cream scooper in an attempt to touch houseguests vaginas. We’ve got the video and how fans are crying foul.

Apparently something as innocent as an ice cream scooper can be used as a sex toy. Big Brother season 20 contestant JC Mounduix was caught on the show’s live feed on July 1 entering a bedroom where other contestants pretended to be sleeping and seemed to shove it onto several fellow houseguests vaginas. He’s seen entering the room and making a sinister laugh while clicking away at the ice cream scooper. The 28-year-old then approached Kaycee Clark who had a red blanket over her. He reached underneath and appeared to touch her vagina with it while she screamed.

JC then made a beeline for Kaitlyn Herman and lifted up her green blanket to seemingly touch her vagina with the scooper, telling her “It feels really good. Look, look.” He then tried to allegedly assault male contestant Tyler Crispen with the device, but Ty managed to cover up his genitals with his hands before JC could violate him. Then he headed back over to a horrified Kaycee, telling her “It feels really good. Open up your vagina.” He tried to tell her how good it feels because he claims he tried it on himself. Ummm dude, you don’t have vagina!!! And these women did not consent to you touching theirs with a metal ice cream scooper!

While none of the contestants have complained openly about JC’s behavior, fans watching the live feed were horrified by what he was doing. “So JC gets to touch everyone’s genitals without consequence. That’s what we are doing this summer” one fan tweeted while another wrote, “Chima assaults microphones, ejected. JC assaults genitals without consent, he stays. One of these things is not like the other. #blackandwhite #BB20.”

More fans were shocked that no one in the Big Brother production jumped in to stop what JC was doing. “I don’t know if you’ve been watching the feeds but JC has been touching houseguests inappropriately and production isn’t doing anything. Weren’t there any rules on that? It’s disgusting to watch,” one viewer noted while another asked “#BB20 with video evidence of his inappropriate touching of females, how have producers not removed JC from the house/game?” That is a darn good question! We’ve reached out to CBS to find out if JC will receive any punishment for his apparent sexual misconduct.

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