The biggest interior decor faux pas REVEALED

The biggest interior decor faux pas REVEALED, from stone cladding to furry toilet seat covers- so how offensive is YOUR home?

  • A new study asked 2,000 Brits  to choose their top three ‘furnishing fails’
  • Coming in at number one was a fluffy toilet seat cover followed by taxidermy 
  • The 70s avocado bathroom remains a firm ‘horror’ making it to number three 

A new study has revealed the biggest decorating faux pas, and it isn’t just woodchip wallpaper you need to worry about. 

A survey of 2,000 Brits, asked them to choose their top three ‘furnishing fails’ of the past 50 years, and found that the 1970s was the ‘worst decade’ for naff decor.

A total of 38 per cent said the 70s, when avocado-coloured bathroom fixtures and flying duck wall art were all the rage, were the worst.

A new study has revealed the biggest interior decor faux pas in Britain and the famous avocado suite comes in at number three 

Closely behind at number four is floral or ‘chintzy’ furniture popular in the 1980s 

A total of 22 per cent chose the 1980s as the worst decade, saying the pink bathrooms and fury loo covers were ‘awful’, with 19 per cent choosing the 1960s, where psychedelic patterns, lace doilies and clashing colour schemes were in fashion.


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The remaining 21 per cent said that the 1990s, 2000s or this decade was the worst for decor at home.

Those quizzed were asked to pick the three ‘worst offenders’ in the poll by Samsung to launch its new QLED TV.

The ninth most offensive interior trend according to the survey is tribal carvings, masks and wall hangings

Fluffy toilet seat covers (left) are considered the biggest interior decor horror while carpeted bathrooms come in seventh

Taxidermy may have made somewhat of a comeback thanks to hipster interest in recent years but it is still considered the second most ugly decor choice

Coming in top was the furry toilet seat cover (44 per cent) beating avocado bathrooms which came in third at 32 per cent.  

Other ‘horrors’ included animal prints, carpeted walls, beaded curtains, living room bars, bidets, round beds, shag pile carpets, TV cupboards, and wicker furniture. 

Daniel Hopwood, President of the British Institute of Interior Design, said: ‘I have lived through the 70s, 80s and 90s and seen interior design trends come and go and it’s fascinating how our tastes have evolved over time.

‘Toilet rugs, rag rolled walls and TV cupboards should all be consigned to the dodgy décor history books.’

Waterbeds have not been popular for years and the nation seems to agree that they should not make a comeback, coming in at number five

When it comes to walls, Artex (far left) rag rolled (centre) and stone cladding (right) are seen as a no-no for the nation 

‘As an interior designer I have spent my career trying to hide ugly big black televisions from ruining the style of peoples’ living spaces.’ 


1 – Furry toilet seat covers – 44 per cent

2 – Taxidermy – 39 per cent

3 – Avocado bathrooms – 32 per cent

4 – Floral ‘chintz’ furniture – 28 per cent

5 – Waterbeds – 25 per cent

6 – Artex walls and ceilings – 25 per cent

7 – Carpeted bathrooms – 25 per cent

8 – Rag rolled walls – 23 per cent

9 – Tribal carvings, masks and wall hangings – 23 per cent

10 – Stone cladding – 19 per cent

Robert King, of Samsung, said: ‘We have never been more focused on the look and feel of our homes, and as large TV screens become more popular, consumers want technology that can almost become invisible and fit in with their décor choices.’ 

While they may be an eyesore, experts have previously suggested that unappealing fixtures and fittings could knock thousands off the value of your home.

Last year a study found that an avocado bathroom could knock as much as £5,000 off the value.

More than 300,000 British homes still feature avocado in their bathrooms – but three out of four people said that if they bought a house that had one, it would be the first thing to go. 

Speaking in 2015 TV property expert Phil Spencer said: ‘The UK’s current view on home improvements and the most offensive styles is something every home improver should be aware of.

‘Over the years I’ve learnt that simple is best and to keep improvements as neutral as possible.’


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