Bikini clad model imprints her bum into path after purchasing a house

On the completion of buying a house, most will post an obligatory snap with their new keys on social media.

But forget celebratory photoshoots and cracking open the bubbly as this model had a bit of a different idea.

OnlyFans model and fitness star Bryce Adams decided she would mark (quite literally) the occasion by imprinting her bum into the path of her new home.

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Well, that certainly will make it easier for guests to find the house!

After being with her partner Jay for 12 years, Bryce decided to take the plunge and sit down on the wet concrete path outside their new abode.

In a TikTok clip which racked up a huge 19.4million views, the bikini clad model flaunted her toned figure as Jay and another bloke helped lower her to the ground.

"Marking my signature on the new property", she cheekily said.

As she screeched with laughter, Bryce lightly planted her peachy behind on the concrete for a couple of seconds and was quickly whisked up by the men.

At the beginning of the flat path leading up to their home, the outline of the model's butt cheeks were cemented into the ground.

The trio laughed as partner Jay remarked: "Ok, that's not bad."

Bryce was then hosed down to get the remaining pieces of wet concrete off her booty.

Since the clip went viral, many questioned why Bryce could not just have used her hands and initials to make an 'official' mark.

But the model told fans not to worry, as the pair also followed through with the above.

Others warned her about the possibility of 'concrete burn', Bryce replied: "Well aware, thanks for the concern! Took precautions, no problems at all."

Besides some users concerned with what body part was used in the imprinting, others gushed at Bryce's derriere antics.

One person commented: "This is absolutely awesome!! Very creative."

Another user added: "Okay but that was perfect though."

While a third voiced: "She’s having fun who cares."

However, not everyone was so keen on the idea.

One user jibed: "Mail man going to trip up on that every day for sure. Hope you have a ring door bell."

A second remarked: "Somebody is going to break an ankle in that."

Someone else wrote: "Sometimes I wonder why I’m not a people person and then I see things like this…"

Previously, Bryce and Jay opened up about their life on OnlyFans.

They claimed to have made £125,000 in just four months – and couples now come to them for sex advice.


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