Birds-eye-view! People share incredible snaps taken from drones

Th-airs something you don’t see every day! Drone snaps reveal extraordinary sights only visible from above – from a crashed  airplane to a 200ft stuffed rabbit

  • People from around the world shared incredible snaps taken from drones that reveal extraordinary sights
  • One incredible snap shows a airplane that missed a runway in Turkey and slid down a cliff
  • While another shows a giant 200ft pink bunny that is slowly decaying in an Italian field

From a 200ft rabbit to a crashed airplane, these drone snaps reveal the extraordinary sights only visible from the air. 

The images were captured by people from around the world and shared in a captivating gallery by Daily Bee.

Among the most amazing images is a sink hole built into the bottom of a reservoir in California. Another image shows an abandoned NFL stadium in Detroit, Michigan, now covered in debris after it fell into disrepair.

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the most eye-opening images…

People from around the world shared incredible snaps taken from drones, including this one of a Pegasus Airlines flight that slipped down a cliff after missing the runway on landing in Trabzon, Turkey. Luckily no one was injured

The pink bunny was first caught by a drone in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy back in 2005 and it is an art insulation named the Hase. It measures 200ft in length and is 20ft high

Although this looks like a natural sink hole it is actually man made and known as The Kraken Hole in a Californian reservoir. It was designed to keep the dam from overflowing

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This man has achieved probably the best ever selfie. He sat on top of a wind turbine for this beautiful drone shot, although it’s highly dangerous so definitely do not try it at home

This is an eerie drone shot of The Silverdome which was once home to the Detroit Lions football team. It was purchased in 2009 by investors to turn it into a soccer stadium, which never happened

The Staten Island boat graveyard has been there since the 1930s. Among the historic vessels left to rot in the water was the WWII-era submarine chaser

This photo of the largest known bird nest was snapped with a drone by a South African photographer Dillon Marsh

This incredible snap is known as The Boneyard in Tucson, Arizona and is the resting spot of over 4000 different types of military airplanes.

Brave! The women in this photo, Jessica and Kelly, from California were aware that a great white shark was swimming with them. I t was taken as they were filming a documentary about the relationship between humans and sharks

This drone flew over Morrison’s Quarry in Chelsea, Quebec and captured scuba divers exploring a submerged plane 

This person perfectly captured a whale spouting just as a ray of light went through the mist, and a beautiful rainbow was created

This creepy drone photo was taken in Huntsville, Alabama in 2016 and shows a clown standing in a field 

This drone snap shows the damage caused by Hurricane Maria when it hit Puerto Rico and Dominica

This eerie snap is of Mir Mine which is the first and largest diamond mine ever built. It was discovered back in 1955 under the Soviet Union

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