Blac Chyna Thinks It’s ‘Sad’ Iggy Azalea Keeps Hanging Out With Her Exes: She’s ‘Phony & Fake’

New feud alert? Iggy Azalea has dated more than one of Blac Chyna’s exes, and a source revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY how Chyna really feels about it.

Blac Chyna, 30, and Iggy Azalea, 28, seem to have similar tastes in men…and have even dated a few of the same guys. Actually, to clarify, Iggy has been linked to two of Chyna’s exes, and a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, that Chyna is not exactly feeling the copy-cat vibes. “Chyna thinks it’s a little sad that Iggy keeps hanging out with her exes, but then, she’s never been a big fan of Iggy’s, she thinks she’s phony and fake,” the source revealed. Ouch!

Iggy was recently spotted with Chyna’s ex boyfriend, Playboi Carti, and rumors of a romance swirled after Iggy and Tyga (Chyna’s baby daddy and Kylie Jenner‘s ex), collaborated together on her song, ‘Kream.’ But Chyna is very specific about her feelings on which ex Iggy dates. “As far as Chyna’s concerned, Iggy’s welcome to Playboi, but Tyga is a whole different matter,” the source said.  “He’s the father of her son, and she’s always going to have a tight bond with him, so she can be pretty protective and jealous when it comes to who’s hanging around him.”

However, Iggy has denied ever getting romantic with Tyga, although she did mention in a recent interview that they do have great chemistry. “He’s just always been a reoccurring person in my life and we always have this creative energy, where we play each other songs and give each other opinions,” she said to BUILD on Aug. 21. While she admitted that she and Tyga, “have a great time together” she insisted it was purely platonic.

While Tyga and Chyna have maintained a relatively drama-free relationship since their break up and have managed to happily co-parent son, King Cairo, 5 in the process, it is reported that they are still quite close and apparently Chyna has plenty to say about who Tyga dates. “Chyna’s always telling Tyga he can do a lot better than Iggy, and that he needs to quit chasing her around like a puppy dog,” the source said. “Truth be told though, Chyna still has mad love for Tyga herself, so nobody’s ever going to be good enough for him in her eyes.” Perhaps a possible reconciliation is on the horizon…

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