Blake From ‘The Bachelorette’ Seems Determined To Stand Out Among The Other Guys

All the new names and faces to remember can be overwhelming at the beginning of a new season, but take a deep breath, because you’ve got this. Blake from The Bachelorette is one contestant who will be easy to remember, because — no spoilers — all signs point to him being an important one to know.

Even though Season 14 doesn’t premiere until May 28, Blake should already be a familiar face for fans. That’s because the 28-year-old Bailey, Colorado native was one of the handful of men who were introduced to Becca Kufrin on After the Final Rose, mere moments after her announcement as the next Bachelorette. The sales rep should stand out in your mind because he was the one who entered the studio with a horse in tow.

"I want you to know how incredibly brave I think it is you’re standing here right now," Blake told the Bachelorette during the live broadcast on March 5, adding, "I really respect that, a lot, and I really mean that." And then he revealed the purpose of the horse in the studio, continuing:

The grinning suitor then lifted Becca up into the saddle, showing off his muscles as well as his chivalry. Very impressive! It’s a well thought-out opening line, but apparently Blake’s extravagant gestures don’t stop there.

According to Chris Harrison, in the Facebook Live broadcast introducing Becca’s men on May 17, Blake eschews the limo to ride an entirely different animal into the house on the first night, so he’s definitely looking to stand out. But unlike other flashes-in-the-pan who make a splash early on and then fade into the background, it sounds from FB Live like the Coloradan has some staying power, and maybe brings along a little drama as well.

"Blake’s an interesting guy," said Harrison in the 16-minute video, and his choice of words is interesting. The host held back from labeling the 28-year-old a "great guy" or a "good guy," instead using the word "interesting," which any sharp-eared fan of the franchise couldn’t fail to notice. But Harrison did also note that the Bachelorette clearly sees something in the sales rep, adding, "He and Becca hit it off, they have a really good connection."

All of which suggests that this cutie is sticking around for a second, so you’d do well to absorb some details about him. You know, just so he doesn’t blend into the crowd of 27 other men vying for Becca’s heart. Here to help you do that is Blake’s brief but informative bio on ABC’s site, which states:

So there are a couple things in there. For one thing, Blake says he’s looking for a partner to meet on equal footing, which sounds like it would make him a good match for Becca. He’s also a dancer and athletic in general, claims that are supported by Blake’s social media. (Just go ahead and click through to the third photo in the series below — the dude is seriously jacked.)

According to his Instagram, Blake is a very social guy, appearing in tons of photos with big groups of men and women, and his main interests appear to be sports and beer.

At first glance, he seems to be a fun guy, and fans will surely learn even more once The Bachelorette premieres, so the new season can’t come a moment too soon.

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