Bland-looking building voted UK’s best house – for its AMAZING interior

Designer Miffy and husband Gareth Shaw secured the title for BBC’s Best House in Town after transforming the inside of their Cardiff-based three-bed property.

Every room in the married couple’s modest looking home is decorated to an art deco style which sees rooms filled with bold colours, quirky ornaments and artistic decorations.

The couple has spent six years renovating their Penarth based property.

Exposed brick is featured in the living room, paired with a matte deep-blue painted wall.

The pair have added a burst of artistic flair with a selection of bone china-looking plates fitted to the walls.

Other rustic features are prominent throughout the property, such as the kitchen table made of out of old scaffolding planks and the bathroom sink made from a concrete trough.

Interestingly, the mismatched kitchen chairs have a quirky tale behind them after either being gifted to the couple by loved ones or being a kooky charity shop find.

Miffy stated: “I don’t really design things very quickly.

“I’m a grower, I evolve.

“People have said they think I’ve won because my house is unique but that’s quite a weird thing to hear because surely everybody’s house is unique.”

Miffy claims that everything surrounding her is a designing influence.

“If a girl walks past me in Tesco and I spot a handbag or jacket in a nice colour or material or we go out for food in a cafe and they’ve done great lighting, I take note,” she added.

“I would describe my style as eclectic, sort of DIY rustic. It’s organic in that I love wood, stone, leather and natural materials like rattan.

“Wool, wood, china, glass, house plants and flowers all add to the softening accessories and furnishings and ensure this home continually looks warm, inviting and comfortable.

“When I think I know what I would like in a room, I have found my influences, I will start making mood boards and initially find different versions of the look I want on Pinterest.”

Miffy encourages others to be brave when it comes to bold and dark colours.

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