Blind taste test reveals the best buys for your summer barbecue

Everything you need for the PERFECT barbecue: Blind taste test reveals the best buys for your al fresco meal (and the winning sausages are just £2.25)

  • Olive magazine experts select the best products in 16 barbecue categories
  • Test proves you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to have quality
  • One of their top buys is a pack of sausages at Asda that cost just £2.25 

As Britain’s heatwave continues, thousands across the country will be cooking al fresco on the barbecue over the coming weeks.

But with so many different options for what to put on the outdoor grill on supermarket shelves, it’s hard to know which products taste best.

Now a panel of experts from olive magazine have conducted a blind taste test to reveal the best summer barbecue and picnic treats.

The test shows that you don’t always have to pay more to get the best quality meat and other dishes, as olive’s top-rated sausages are just £2.25 from Asda. 

Olive magazine has conducted a taste test of summer barbecue items and crowned some the best-tasting, including these £2.25 Extra Special hot & smoky hot dog sausages from Asda

The taste test team crowned products in 16 categories, including best barbecue burger, best vegetarian item and the top burger bun.

The experts named one item as the winner, and also handed out silver and bronze medals.

ASDA and Waitrose both performed well in the test, with both supermarkets winning in four categories, while Aldi came out joint top for best burger and best burger bun.

The best summer barbecue buys revealed

Best BBQ Banger

Winner (gold): ASDA Extra Special hot & smoky hot dog sausages (£2.25/400g)

Silver: Waitrose six triple oak smoked sausages (£4/600g)

Best BBQ Burger

Waitrose’s  £4.29 black garlic beef burgers (bottom) and Aldi’s £2.69 Specially Selected West Country cheddar beef burgers (top) came joint top in the taste test

Joint winner (gold): Waitrose black garlic beef burgers (£4.29/454g)

Joint winner (gold): Aldi Specially Selected West Country cheddar beef burgers (£2.69/454g)

Silver: Iceland two luxury wagyu beef quarter pounders (£3/227g)

Best BBQ Show-off Product

Winner (gold): Waitrose buttermilk chicken king kebab (£8/924g)

Silver: M&S stout-glazed salt beef with piccalilli (£6/414g)

Bronze: Co-op Mexican half chicken (£4/647g)

Best Vegetarian Burger

Ocado’s £2.49 spiced mushroom and cauliflower burgers were crowned the best veggie burger

Winner (gold): Ocado spiced mushroom and cauliflower burgers (£2.49/227g)

Silver: M&S veggie lentil and beetroot burgers (£2.50/240g)

Bronze: ASDA edamame, asparagus and mint burgers (£1.50/230g)

Best Vegetarian/Vegan Product

Winner (gold): Sainsbury’s caramelised onion shroomdogs (£2.25/350g)

Best Seafood Product

Joint winner (gold): Booths Greek-style tuna steaks (£3.50/100g)

Joint winner (gold): Co-op Mackerel fillets with sea salt and pepper (£2.99/180g)

Best Burger Bun

Aldi’s 79p Specially Selected brioche burger buns were crowned the best (left). Meanwhile Asda won in the best show-off salad category for its £2.75 turmeric chicken salad bowl (right)

Winner (gold): Aldi Specially Selected brioche burger buns (79p/4 pack)

Silver: ASDA sliced brioche burger buns (80p/4 pack)

Best Show-Off Salad

Winner (gold): ASDA turmeric chicken salad bowl (£2.75/240g)

Silver: Waitrose rice, yellow split pea and pistachio salad with cashew nuts and cardamom dressing (£2.50/185g)

Best BBQ Ribs

Winner (gold): Waitrose slow-cook Japanese BBQ boneless ribs (£6/530g)

Silver: Co-op slow cooked BBQ sticky ribs (£4/460g)

Best BBQ Chicken Wings

Winner (gold): Booths hot and spicy chicken wings (£4.28/810g)

Silver: ASDA Route 66 Carolina and Memphis BBQ chicken wings (£5/1.4kg)

Bronze: Waitrose BBQ chicken wings (£4/700g)

Best Scotch Egg

Winner (gold): Co-op Irresistible hand-finished scotch egg (£1.39/140g)

Best Fancy Sausage Roll

Joint winner (gold): Waitrose 1 dry-cured bacon & cheddar sausage rolls (£2.79/188g)

Joint winner (gold): Co-op Irresistible cheese and bacon sausage rolls (£2.75/188g)

Silver: ASDA Extra Special West Country cheddar and smoked bacon pork and sausage rolls (£1.85/188g)

Best Pork Pie

Winner (gold): M&S hand finished outdoor-bred pork and smoked bacon pie (£3.50/280g)

Best Hummus

Joint winner (gold): Co-op extra virgin olive oil hummus (£1.19/170g)

Joint winner (gold): Sainsbury’s roasted beetroot and mint hummus (£1.55/200g)

Silver: Waitrose World Deli turmeric hummus (£2.60/150g)

Best BBQ Condiment

Asda picked up another award for its 90p devilish habanero chili sauce

Winner (gold): ASDA devilish habanero chili sauce (90p/155ml)

Silver: Aldi jerk marinade (85p/280g)

Best Ice-Cream

Winner (gold): ASDA Extra Special Cornish sea salted caramel ice-cream (£2/500ml)

Silver: M&S rhubarb and custard ice-cream (£3/500ml)

Bronze: Co-op Irresistible Swiss white chocolate and salted caramel ice-cream (£3.99/480ml) 

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The July issue of olive magazine is out now

Olive’s expert panel of judges blind-tasted all the products and rated each individually on taste, texture and appearance after supermarkets put forward their best product in each category. 

Laura Rowe, the editor of olive, sauid: ‘The olive Supermarket Awards are loved by our readers for good reason. They’re all about saving time, so you can spend more time enjoying yourself in the sun, without compromising on quality or flavour. 

‘If you see our winner stickers – you’re guaranteed that it’s a quality product worth spending your hard-earned cash on, because we’ve blind tasted each and every product. And only the best will do!’ 

More information and additional comments on the winning products can be found in the July issue of olive, on sale now and online at 

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