‘The Bold Type’ Premiere Recap: Jane Gets Shocking News & Sutton Makes A Decision

Welcome back! ‘The Bold Type’s highly-anticipated second season premiered on June 12, and our girls are ready for what’s next. Well, Jane received life-altering news, Kat took the next step with Adena, and more.

Can you believe it’s been almost a year since The Bold Type premiered? Well, it has. The critically-acclaimed show is back for season two and hasn’t missed a beat. Jane, Kat, and Sutton are thriving and paving new and exciting paths for themselves. Kat comes back from her adventure with Adena, and Jane and Sutton are more than psyched to have her back. Adena is heading back as well, and she’s going to stay with Kat for 3 months while she looks for work. When Sutton has to make a quick stop for work, Jane runs into Jacqueline, who is incredibly supportive about Jane’s new job at Incite. Jacqueline is so encouraging because she’s the freaking best.

The next day, Richard reveals a new corporate policy that will make Suttard shippers very happy. If two staffers want to date, they need to report it to HR and fill out a consensual relationship agreement. This makes it perfectly acceptable for Richard and Sutton to date! Sutton doesn’t think it’s this simple. “I want us to be together, and we can be,” Richard says. “There is nothing standing in our way anymore. Nobody has to leave their job anymore. No more hiding. We can make plans, go to dinner, go on vacations.” Swoon.

But the hurdles for Sutton are still there. Sutton is accused of sleeping her way to the top by two of his co-workers, and they don’t even know about Richard. They just know about Alex, who tells Sutton not to let the drama get to her. It’s different for girls, though. Later, at a Scarlet party, the girls have a pow-wow session in a coat closet. Adena and Kate got into a little spat because Kat has yet to go down on Adena. It’s not that Kat doesn’t want to. She’s just scared and doesn’t want to do it badly. The girls give her the pep talk she needs. That night, she does finally go down on Adena in a groundbreaking sex scene. Adena and Kat’s love-making session is so beautiful and real.

Meanwhile, Sutton has a heart-to-heart with Richard about their future. Sutton decides to choose her career over Richard. “It’s a gamble. All of it. But I’m putting my money down on my career. And believing that love will fall in place,” she tells him. He’s upset, naturally. To him, there are no more obstacles in their way, but Sutton feels differently. Good for her. But my Suttard-loving heart hurts!

Alex helps Kat figure out how she wants to present herself to the world. When Kat doesn’t think it’s necessary to put the color of her skin in her bio, Alex says, “You have this really cool opportunity to be a role model for young black girls.” This pushes Kat to find out more about her dad’s side of the family. Her dad admits that he was raised very differently, and he and Kat’s mom didn’t want the label of race on top of Kat. She decides to call herself Scarlet’s first black female department head because she feels it’s important to embrace that part of herself right now.

Jane is getting ready to push her new vertical about young women who are changing the world. Emma Cox, who makes menstrual cups, is first up. Jane loves the work Emma is doing, but she finds out troubling information and doesn’t know what to do with it. She decides to highlight Emma’s good deeds, rather than the one mistake. However, the editor makes some major changes. Emma is exposed. Jane calls and apologizes for what happened, and Emma broadcasts her apology publicly. Jane becomes a trending topic. When Jane refuses to fall in line with what Incite wants, she is fired. OH MY GAWD!

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