Bonnie McKee Reveals Vegas Massacre & Harvey Weinstein Scandal Inspired New Single ‘Mad, Mad World’

One of the most prolific modern-day songwriters, Bonnie McKee, has added to her impressive repertoire a touching jam that reflects the mad, mad world we live in today.

It really is a mad, mad world, as Bonnie McKee, 34, puts it in her latest single. She sings what we’re all feeling: “When I open my eyes/For a moment I’m fine/Until I’m scrolling through the day’s headlines,” but adds an uppity, pop beat behind the honest words. It’s no surprise that Bonnie was inspired by current events when writing “Mad, Mad World.” “I wrote this song at the end of last year. It was actually right after the Las Vegas shooting, which is obviously tragic and kind of heavy. It had been a heavy year of news, really,” she explained in the HollywoodLife podcast. “All of the sex scandals in Hollywood and the school shootings and the fires in California, and every day I was waking up and looking at my phone and feeling like the world was ending.” The accomplish songwriter revealed she went to the studio the day Stephen Paddock open-fired into a sea of country music fans in Las Vegas, and she said, “there was no way that I could just write another love song.” “I knew I needed to say something about it, it was just such a heavy day.”

In “Mad, Mad World,” Bonnie provides an inspiring response to the chaos of the world. “It’s still uplifting and hopeful, but it’s really about as much as I just want to throw my phone away and not hear about all of the horrible things happening in the world, I think now more than ever it’s important that we stand up and pay attention and do something about it.” Bonnie has a habit of writing empowering anthems, and she’s done it since she entered the industry at 16 years old. The self-made star worked with Katy Perry to write powerhouses “Roar,” and “Part Of Me,” as well as Ke$ha, Kelly Clarkson and Britney Spears.

Fresh off her tour with Kygo, Bonnie has a treasure chest full of music to release and you better be on the look out for all that’s to come from her! Also, listen to the full interview with Bonnie, on the HollywoodLife Podcast, out Friday!

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