Books Like Pretty Little Liars, Book Recommendations


It’s been a year since Pretty Little Liars aired its final episode and, TBH, we’re still feeling emotional about it. We followed the show so closely over the years, keeping up with all the tea and gossip which, as you can imagine, was not an easy thing to do. Once the series ended (R.I.P), our hearts immediately felt a loss. Sure, we were totally aware that it was time for the actors to move on, but still — PLL was such a huge piece of our lives for SO long, it was hard to let go.

And as much as we’re excited to watch The Perfectionists, Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars spin-off, we know it won’t be the same. But honestly, we’ll take what we can get at this point; we’d do anything to be transported back to Rosewood one more time! What’s another way we can do this? Devour a book that’s just like Pretty Little Liars, of course! The drama, the lies, the secrets, the murder — nothing will ever be the same as the original, but there are some novels that def have the same vibe.

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