Botched Patient Krystle's Dangerous 12-Hour Procedure Could've Literally Been Her Last Surgery on Botched

Krystle‘s last surgery literally could’ve been her last!

In this clip from Wednesday’s all-new Botched, Krystle details the deadly 12-hour procedure that left her botched and infected.

“So you went with the idea of having your breasts done and a tummy tuck for stretch marks primarily,” Dr. Terry Dubrow infers. “Yes, he told me, ‘Oh no. I’ll take all of your stretch marks off,'” Krystle says. 

When it came to her breasts, Krystle wanted to correct their tubular shape.

“I just wanted them to fix the problem and then, you know, they were already gonna be there, put implants in as well,” she explains.

But the doctor put the implants in through her abdomen, leaving her susceptible to massive complications.

“Placing implants through a tummy tuck incision, in my opinion, it’s never a good idea because it’s a long way to go and the chance of a complication is really high,” Dr. Dubrow says.


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And that’s not the worst part. Krystle’s surgery ended up lasting a whopping 12 hours!

“Krystle’s last surgery could have literally been her last surgery. Eight hours is the time when risks start to go up of anesthesia complications and difficulties from prolonged recovery,” the stunned doctor explains.

After her surgery Krystle was showered, leaving her with a bad infection.

“So the next day, the nurse wakes me up and she says, ‘Shower time,'” Krystle tells the doctors. “There you go. There’s one of the reasons it got an infection,” Dr. Paul Nassif says to Dr. Dubrow.

The doctor not only caused the infection, Krystle found out after her surgery that the doctor had recently had a stroke before operating on her.

Watch the clip above to hear all about Krystle’s nightmare surgery!

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