Boy Cries as He Thanks Football Coach in Sweet Video: ‘You Help Me Love Football Again’

A young Indiana boy is melting hearts across the internet thanks to his touching, tear-filled tribute to his beloved football coach.

Courtney Renee Wigginton shared video of her son Jayden growing emotional as he tells his coach just how much he means to him to Facebook earlier this week.

In the clip, Jayden approaches his coach, whom Yahoo reported is Richard Nelloms, and presents him with a special gift in the form of a mug.

“A good coach can change the game. A great coach can change your life,” Nelloms reads from the mug, before he and Jayden share a big hug.

Jayden and Coach Richard Nelloms

Jayden’s gift didn’t stop there, though — he also had prepared a special note written just for his favorite coach, which he reads aloud in the clip.

“You have been the greatest coach of my life. I love you, Richard,” Jayden reads just before breaking down in tears. “I want you to show me your [inaudible]. You help me love football again. Thank you for being my favorite coach.”

The pair then hug once again as Jayden sobs into Richard’s shoulder.

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