Boy ‘tortured’ for an hour and made to beg for mercy by bike gang

A group of young boys were surrounded and "tortured" by a gang of bike-riding youths in a vicious attack.

Harry Calvert was beaten, humiliated and ordered to beg for mercy on his knees in an attack that left him shaken.

The 11-year-old was playing in the park with two of his friends when the gang trapped them, Gazette Live reported.

The ordeal ended an hour after it started at 7.30pm on Tuesday in Bishop Cuthbert Park in Hartlepool.

The year 6 pupil's mum Natasha Kennedy said: "My son was attacked and tortured for an hour by three older lads riding bikes.

"They stamped on his legs, punched them, choked them and basically humiliated them for their own enjoyment.

"The made them get on there knees and flung one of the other kid's glasses away so he couldn’t see."

As well as being kicked and punched the three boys were verbally threatened and made to empty their pockets.

"The only reason this attack stopped was because some women came to help them," Natasha continued.

"The women walked them to safety and the couple got the lads away.

"Obviously this could have been a lot worse and these lads need stopping.

"You never expect it to happen to your kids."

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman confirmed the force had received a report about the incident and said "enquiries are ongoing".

Anyone with information should contact police on the non-emergency number 101.

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