Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk Are Supposedly Ready For Another Baby, Says ‘Closer Weekly’

Reportedly, Bradley Cooper and Fiancee Irina Shayk are already discussing baby number two, according to Closer Weekly. Apparently, sources have revealed the couple’s plans to continue expanding their family. In April this year, right after their daughter Lea de Seine Shayk Cooper turned one on March 21, Cooper and Shayk said that they were going to stop putting so much effort into being so private about their family. Part of this revelation included the rumor that the two were going to begin trying to have a second baby, an inside source reportedly told Life & Style. What’s more, the source also said that Cooper would prefer another girl to be a companion to Lea, but Irina would like to have a boy this time.

“Bradley and Irina are hoping to make Lea a big sister next year. The funny thing is that Bradley’s been staying that he’d be happy with another little girl. He wants Lea to have that special sisterly bond. Irina’s the one who’s desperate for a boy!” said the source.

The Inquisitr reported in April that the Cooper-Shayk couple (who are well-known to keep their relationship and personal lives far from cameras), have decided to become a little more relaxed as their daughter grows. This was evident by the fact that they let the world see a lot more inside their lives when their daughter turned one. Social media pictures have started popping more and more with sneak peeks into the family’s world.

Shayk, 32, is a supermodel from Russia. She has been on Sports Illustrated covers every year since she blew up in 2007 by replacing the former face of the Intimissimi brand. She modeled on the runway throughout her pregnancy and keeps her social media profiles to professional industry-related photos, says E! Online. Apparently, the model has worked hard to achieve so much in her career. It doesn’t seem that the idea of more children will slow down Shayk’s career.

“I think success is a result of very hard work—and you know, success doesn’t come easy… You have to work really hard for success, and you have to be very strong about what you want, because once you go out there, people are always going to [say you can’t do it]…so you have to really know what you want,” Shayk said in an interview with Lifestyle Magazine.

Cooper’s latest movie A Star is Born is due out October 5. Co-starring with Lady Gaga, Cooper also co-wrote the movie, which includes singing from both stars. E! Online says that he has never spoken much about his family publicly, but finally skimmed the surface when he appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. DeGeneres took the time to congratulate Cooper, but the conversation didn’t really go much further than that.

The busy Cooper-Shayk family currently resides in L.A.

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