Bride blasted for demanding pals send gifts even if they can’t make her wedding

A bride insists that all wedding guests give her presents and cards – even if they can’t make it to her big day.

The unnamed woman took to social media to argue that it’s rude not to get presents for newly-wedded couples.

She tweeted: “Also, just an FYI, if you’re invited to a wedding and you can’t attend, you’re still supposed to send a card.

“Especially if you have a BS (bulls***) excuse to miss it…

“Even more so when you’ve known about it for two years.”

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While the woman acknowledged that she is “spoilt”, she insisted it’s not unfair for friends and family to send presents.

She added: “This is a hells spoiled bridezilla tweet but it’s true.

“If you can’t come to the wedding you still owe them a gift.”

It seems that many disagreed with the bride’s rant, as screenshots of it have gone viral on Reddit.

On the Wedding Shaming forum, dozens of commenters accused the woman of being materialistic.

One Redditor remarked: “This bridezilla is only getting married for the gifts if she's demanding one from the people who declined the invite."

Another said: “You are NOT required to send a card or gift if you're NOT attending.

“Send in your RSVP saying you're not attending is all that's required.

“Anyone who bugs you about not sending a gift has no manners, no class, and is not a true friend!”

A third added: “It's an invite, not an invoice.”

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Despite the backlash, some agreed that it’s rude not to send gifts to the bride and groom.

A few Reddit users said they always post congratulations notes if they can’t make friends’ big days.

A responder argued: “I think you’d owe them at least a card.

“I’m not saying it has to include money but you owe them either an apology or congratulations card.”

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