Bride’s wedding dress saved from ferocious "Camp Fire" in California

ROSEVILLE, Calif. — Call it a silver, or a white, lining to such massive devastation. Never in their worst nightmares, did Joey Best and his soon-to-be wife Megan Janko see it happening to them, driving through the Camp Fire, escaping for their lives.

“We got out with our lives that’s the only thing we were thinking of,” Janko told CBS Sacramento. “Our home burned down as well as parents’, sister’s and sister and brother-in-law’s family business burned down.”

Even their wedding venue, a historic bridge in Paradise, was reduced to ashes, with their big day is just two weeks away, CBS Sacramento reports.

  • California’s Camp Fire burned hot enough to melt aluminum in cars
  • Destructive California wildfires magnified by population and shifting climate

As wildfires closed in at Paradise, California, a bride was able to keep her wedding dress safe.

Yet with everything they’ve owned and worked for gone, they still have what they really need: their sons, who are also the groomsmen, and Megan’s bridal gown.

It was Megan’s soon to be sister-in-law, Sarah Khalil, who saved the dress when she went back to get food, bottles and blankets for her 8-month-old baby.

The dress is no stranger to fire. Megan bought it earlier this year, just days before the “Carr Fire” tore through the neighboring town of Redding.

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