Bridesmaid ‘photobombs’ bride and becomes ‘main character’ in special moment

A bridesmaid photobombed the bride and became the 'main character' in her special moment.

Model Danielle Copperman shared various snippets of her big day to social media.

But, one video has gone particularly viral on TikTok.

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And it's not all to do with the stunning brunette getting hitched.

In the clip which racked up a massive 2.6million views, Danielle filmed herself putting on her shoes as she stood at the bottom of the stairs.

She bent down in her gorgeous floor length gown that had a plunging neckline and featured material elegantly wrapped around her neck.

The bride was not the only star of the intimate moment caught on camera though.

As Danielle took some time to herself, bridesmaid Evie began to walk down the spiral staircase.

She lifted her floral dress slightly as she made her way down in some gold heels.

Evie embraced the bride for a hug, although she was none the wiser that she walked into Danielle filming herself.

The beautiful bride and bridesmaid then hugged while smiling for the camera.

"Love a little bridesmaid photobomb," Danielle wrote in the caption.

Many people fled to the comments to compliment both Danielle and Evie.

However, some felt that the "photobomb" made the bridesmaid the "main character" of the video.

One person jibed: "Not the bridesmaid trying to be the main character with the walk down the staircase…"

Another user added: "You two look absolutely gorgeous."

While a third voiced: "I thought she was just 'look oop excuse me' and was gonna walk past."

Someone else gushed: "The bridesmaid's dress! I love it."

Meanwhile, a fifth said: "I know it’s your day and all but what’s the bridesmaids @"

And, this user declared: "Wow! Bridesmaid is so effortlessly gorgeous!"


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