British brand offers £9.95 vaginal tightening gel on high street

New British brand becomes the first to offer INTIMATE pampering products on the high street – including a tightening gel and a lightening cream

  • Woo Woo products go on sale online and in Superdrug next month  
  • Range includes lightening cream and a Saddle Sore Soothing Balm 
  • £9.95 Lift and Tighten gel contains Siberian ginseng and aloe vera
  • Founder Lucy Anderson said the brand is aimed at promoting body confidence 

A British brand is aiming to break beauty taboos with a range of intimate products, including a £9.95 tightening cream which goes on sale in September. 

Woo Woo is the first brand in the UK to offer a lightening cream and tightening gel, as well as ‘Saddle Sore Soothing Balm’ for use after spinning classes or a painful waxing session. 

Created in the UK by a female team, the brand aims to encourage women not to be afraid of adding ‘intimate pampering’ to their existing beauty regime and to ‘value their vaginas’.

The £9.95 Lift and Tighten gel contains Siberian ginseng and aloe vera and claims to give the Labia Majora a ‘smaller, tighter appearance’ 

It claims to be an alternative to surgery as the gel stimulates cells to produce collagen, giving longer-term results. 

Created in the UK by a female team, WooWoo is a new range of pampering products for intimate areas, including an anal lightening cream with shea butter and aloe vera (left). The Saddle Sore Soothing Blam is designed to calm the skin after an intense spin class or painful waxing session 

Meanwhile, the £9.95 Lightening Cream is designed for the anal area and contains vitamin C, shea butter, Aloe Vera and a ‘unique cosmetic drone that targets melanin to produce an even skin tone and to reduce skin discolouration’.

The products will be available to buy online, while ph balanced wipes, Micellar Intimate Wash and Soothing Balm will be stocked by Superdrug.  

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While existing brand such as Sass and Femfresh do offer intimate hygiene products, they haven’t gone as far as WooWoo with bleaching and tightening products.  

Company founder and CEO Lucy Anderson said: ‘WOO WOO is for women who want to take care of every part of their body. 

‘Our aim is to empower women to feel more body confident and ready to play, rather than embarrassed about buying products to ‘fix a problem’.

WooWoos ph neutral wipes will go on sale at Superdrug in September. The brand’s CEO Lucy Anderson said it wants women to feel confident about looking after every part of their bodies, and not just buying a product to ‘fix a problem’

‘It’s high time us girls valued our vaginas and WOO WOO was designed to do just that by enabling women to feel unapologetically sexually confident.’

It follows in the footsteps of The Perfect V range, which caused a huge stir on social media last year and launched in the UK for the first time in March 2018.

The Perfect V range, which boasts products such as £23 beauty mist, a £31 exfoliator and even a £39 highlighting cream for the vulva. 

The Perfect V range of highlighters of creams for intimate areas caused social media uproar when it was launched in the UK earlier this year 

The highlighter is designed to ‘target the delicate bikini area’ with products of the same quality you would use on your face.

The range of eight products on sale exclusively at Harvey Nichols is the brainchild of New Yorker Avonda Urben, a beauty specialist currently living near Copenhagen, who was inspired by the ‘carefree confidence that embodies Scandinavian women’.

The innovation caused quite a stir on social media last year with many women feeling particularly alarmed over the concept of a £39 highlighter, which is designed to give ‘luminous heightened glow to the V area’.  

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