Brockhampton’s New Video ‘1999 Wildfire’ Is ‘So Good,’ It Has Fans Bawling Their Eyes Out

Brockhampton is back with a killer new song ‘1999 Wildfire’, and they graced fans by dropping the music video at the same time! Listen and watch here — and see the epic reactions from their adoring stans!

Brockhampton fans are going to need a while to recuperate from the last 24 hours. Not only did band leader Kevin Abstract announce they’re getting their own show on Beats 1, Things We Lost in the Fire Radio, and then posted their first episode, but they also released a perfect new song. “1999 Wildfire” is a total banger that some are describing as very Outkast-like. As if that weren’t bitchin’ enough, the boy band later released the music video for “1999 Wildfire”! Kevin’s promise that they have new music “coming all summer” is apparently true.

The description for the “1999 Wildfire” music video on YouTube reads, “It’s been so long, I think I forgot how to love.” We have a feeling the new song will be on their upcoming album, The Best Years of Our Lives. The video itself is simple. It starts with cell phone footage (vertical, ugh), and progresses into just closeups of the guys — Kevin, Matt Champion, Dom McLennon, Merlyn Wood, Rodney Tenor, Russell Boring, and Bearface — hanging out in what appears to be a parking garage. Hey, sometimes the simplest route is the best! 

Fans seem to agree. They’re going wild on YouTube and Twitter, where the band also posted the new music video. “I’m not gay but Bearface is Bearface so ya know,” YouTuber undercoverdudes commented. “I’ve legitimately busted various nuts within these almost 5 minutes,” wrote who da fck. Dirty! And some fans pointed out that while they miss former band member Ameer Van Houton, his absence didn’t affect their perfect sound. “BH didn’t just recover from losing Ameer. They evolved. I should have never doubted my favorite group of all time,” ohcyrus commented on YouTube. Brockhampton kicked Ameer out of the group in May 2018 after he was accused of alleged sexual misconduct by multiple women. Brockhampton released a statement apologizing to the women for what Ameer allegedly did, and cancelled their 2018 tour dates to “go home and regroup.”

A lot of people really don’t care that Ameer’s not on the track. “thank you for blessing our summer, and more importantly, our lives,” a Twitter user commented. Amen!

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