Bus driver’s quick actions saves kids from harm as vehicle ‘explodes in flames’

A quick-thinking bus driver has been praised for evacuating schoolchildren from the vehicle moments before it burst into flames and the engine 'exploded'.

Around a dozen secondary school children were on board the First Bus coach when it passed through Clydebank, near Glasgow, this evening, and flames engulfed the back of the vehicle.

The driver abandoned the bus at the side of the road at about 4.50pm.

Fire crews were then scrambled to attend and managed to put out the blaze.

It is thought the driver's quick-thinking and speedy actions resulted in nobody being hurt.

One eye witness said: "We saw the bus pull in and the driver got all the children off the bus.

"He was shouting, 'move it, move it!', then, just as the driver got clear, we could see the flames from the engine at the back."

Another eye witness said: "I was driving by and saw the school kids sitting on the grass and the smoke coming from the back of the bus.

"Then, bang! – I heard an explosion.

"I think it was the back window blowing out."

John Gorman, head of operations at First Glasgow, said: “I can confirm our vehicle was involved in a thermal incident on Dumbarton Road earlier this evening.

"We have emergency procedures and training in place for this sort of incident and our driver must be commended for his swift action that prevented any injuries whatsoever.

"Passenger safety is at the forefront of everything we do.

"The emergency services were alerted immediately and a full internal investigation is now underway to establish the root cause of the incident."

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