California Black Bear Enjoys A Little Adventure In Los Angeles Neighborhood

A cute black bear was seen roaming about in a California neighborhood.

A black bear decided that he had enough of the boring woods. He wanted to have a little fun in the summer heat by heading into a Granada Hills neighborhood in Los Angeles for an adventure. He sauntered around while the neighbors were inside watching the amusing antics of the animal. According to ABC News, it all began on Tuesday morning and lasted several hours as the LA police started their pursuit of the bear.

The black bear must have gotten a little overheated as he plopped himself down in the shade under a tree, according to the dispatch call. At one point, the furry creature found a nice swimming pool to cool off in. He dove in and enjoyed the water for about nine minutes before he decided to continue on.

The huge animal was seen climbing over nicely sculpted bushes to the next yard. He also got himself over a wall to check out the San Fernando Valley neighborhood. He was moving quite fast at one point.

The bear had a tagged ear, which has led animal officials to conclude that this is the same bear that had been in nearby areas a couple years ago. Wildlife officers said that he was not being aggressive at all. However, the people who lived in this LA neighborhood chose to be safe and stayed indoors to watch all of the excitement. He was eventually tranquilized and they got him back to where he belongs.

The Los Angeles police posted this funny tweet and also issued a warning for those who may think to try to go near one of these majestic creatures.

“We can’t fault this furry guy for wanting to take a dip in this Los Angeles heat, however we are happy to report he was safely returned back to his home. As cute as he looks, remember, he’s a bear so keep away & call the authorities.”

The bear adventure was caught on video right up to him being hauled onto a vehicle while asleep to be taken back to his home. While this scenario isn’t as unusual as it may seem, it can be dangerous if you surprise a bear or the bear feels threatened.

If you see one of the animals hanging around your neighborhood, don’t approach the bear at all. Stay inside where it’s safe, as WSBTV suggests. They may be looking for food, so be sure to keep garbage in an enclosed area if at all possible or in a bear-proof container. The more ways that you can discourage these animals from paying you a visit, the safer it is for everyone.

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