Cam Newton Shares Video of Practice with Julian Edelman 1 Month After Joining Patriots

Shortly after, Newton reflected on his career with the Panthers in a vlog, titled "Farewell Carolina, Hello New England," from his YouTube channel.

In the footage, Newton spoke candidly from his Atlanta home gym on March 17 – which was the day the Panthers announced they gave him permission to seek a trade – bringing the athlete's nine-year run with Carolina to an end.

"Right now, like I'm angry, I just feel let down but at the same time, I'm not bitter," the athlete said in the vlog. "I know since the first day I came into this league, that this day was gonna come. I've been with the organization, a great organization, for as long as I've been in the NFL. I'm sad for this day to come. But, at the end of the day, in the famous words of Nipsey [Hussle], 'The marathon continues.' "

Newton added, "I'm blessed, I'm honored. I have no idea what's the next steps. But one thing about it, through God's grace, there will be a next step."

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