Can I be fined for driving with a brake light out?

BRAKE lights are often overlooked when drivers check over their cars.

Driving with a brake light out can cause some serious issues on the roads, not just to yourself but to those around you.

Is it illegal to drive with a brake light out?

Brake lights are vital to letting those driving behind you that you are either slowing or coming to a stop.

By law, you need to have both brake lights in working order.

If your brake light is out, drivers may not be able to tell and it could cause a collision.

It is illegal to drive with a brake light out.

However, if you are pulled over by the police, they may be lenient on you and let you go with a warning.

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Your brake light could have gone out while driving, which you wouldn't have known about.

What is the fine for driving with a brake light out?

Some people aren't so fortunate and can wind up with a fine and further punishments.

For having a brake light out, you can get fined up to £60 and gain three penalty points on your licence.

You'll also be given a vehicle defect rectification notice, which means you must get the issue fixed within in 14 days and have proof that you have done so.

It is also recommended to take your car off of the road until the brake light has been fixed.

What to do to fix a broken brake light?

The best place to get a brake light fixed is a garage.

Halfords offer a bulb fitting service so you don't have to do the work.

Fixing a broken brake light is something you can do yourself at home but always consult an expert before doing so.

There may be more than one factor as a reason why your brake light isn't working so do get it checked out if you are unsure.

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