Cardi B Disses Haters Who Call Her ‘Unqualified’ To Judge New Talent Show: I Make ‘Good’ Music

Cardi B has a message for all her haters who don’t think she’s qualified enough to judge her new Netlfix competition show, ‘Rhythm + Flow’, alongside Chance The Rapper and T.I.! Watch her shut down critics like the ultimate BOSS b–ch!

Cardi B, 26, doesn’t give a “f–k” if you think she’s “qualified” enough to judge Netflix’s upcoming competition show, Rhythm + Flow! The “Bodak Yellow” rapper officially announced she will be a judge on the hip hop talent show on Instagram, where she told her haters she’s a hit-maker and that’s why they know her name! “I don’t give a f–k if you think I’m not qualified as a judge. B–ch I make good f–king music, cus you know my name and you know my mother f–king records, right, bitch? I make hits!”, Cardi said in a video on Instagram, November 13. She followed up with a few hip thrusts, repeating “I make hits, hits, hits, hits, hits hits.” Hey, she’s not wrong!

“What’s poppin’ everybody? I’m excited to announce that I will be one of the judges on ‘Rhythm + Flow’ on this new Netflix series. Me, Chance The Rapper and T.I. are gonna be judges,” Cardi first said before letting potential contestants know what it is she’s looking for in an artist. “I’m looking for the diamond in the rough! I’m looking for somebody that’s gonna stick. I’m looking for somebody, that like if I’m going to my car, I’m gonna remember their music, I’m gonna remember their face, I’m gonna remember their personality,” she explained.

“A lot of people can spit, but they can’t make music and spit and stick to the GP and that’s why people don’t listen to their music because they don’t have that ‘it’ factor,” Cardi continued. “I’m looking for that ‘it’ factor. I’m looking for you mother f–ker. If you think you’re that mother f–ker, then you better sign up the f–k up because we want to find you! We want to discover you! What’s good! “

Cardi captioned the video with a message of excitement, writing, “I’m so excited!!! Catch me on @netflix next year with @troubleman31 and @chancetherapper!! We looking for a star and it’s gonna be like nothin you ever seen!!”

Rhythm + Flow, a (one-hour) 10-part hip-hop talent search, is set to debut in 2019. John Legend‘s production company, Get Lifted Film, is producing the new project. Auditions will take place in Atlanta, Chicago and New York, the home cities of the three judges.

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