Cardi B Disses Jerry Seinfeld On ‘Between Two Ferns’: This Is ‘The Opposite’ Of What Happened With Kesha

‘Between Two Ferns’ is back and as awkward than ever! Jerry Seinfeld gets absolutely roasted, with ‘better guest’ Cardi B landing the final blow. Watch the whole thing and Jerry’s epic clap back.

Zach Galifianakis‘ Funny or Die show Between Two Ferns is back after a long hiatus and he truly upped the cringe factor in the first new episode. Zach conducted a very terse interview with Jerry Seinfeld, offhandedly calling Seinfeld a “launching pad for whites,” asking him why he’s not as successful as his former co-stars, and calling his latest work “lazy, car-based, non-comedy.” For those unfamiliar with Between Two Ferns, this is the entire premise — Zach conducts an extremely awkward and hostile interview with someone famous, and they’re forced to just sit there and take it.

After nearly 10 minutes of getting roasted, in walks “better guest” Cardi B. Zach’s demeanor totally changes when he welcomes the “international superstar” (Jerry’s chyron said “Funny 1993-1997) and douses her with praise. He even gives her a present for her baby, while forcing Jerry to go sit on a milk crate. He’s not even between the two ferns anymore. “You’re special. But the most important thing is that you’re relevant,” Zach tells Cardi.

You think it couldn’t get worse from there, but Cardi actually disses Jerry, too. His hopes are crushed when she ignores his attempts to get a hug before she walks off the set. “This is the total opposite of what happened to Kesha,” Jerry said. Damn, dude. Of course, Jerry is referring to the now-infamous red carpet incident in which Kesha ran up to him to give him a hug…and he did the same thing that Cardi just did to him. He truly thought Kesha was some rando, and not a celebrity. He even told the person interviewing him, “I don’t know who that was.” Well, now he knows how that feels!

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