Cardi B Gordon Ramsey & Other Celebrities Are Amazon Alexa In Hilarious Super Bowl Ad

Cardi B is the new voice of Amazon Alexa, for about 15 seconds anyway.

The latest Super Bowl LII ad to be leaked online features a few different celebrities including the very talented Cardi B. The 90-second commercial imagines a world where Amazon’s Alexa has completely lost her voice and a replacement is needed ASAP. Cue frantic Jeff Bezos, who is put in charge of reaching out to various famous stars to become the new voice of Alexa.

As the ad unfolds, Alexa users discover that in place of their beloved Amazon assistant’s normal robotic voice are various celebrities. The voice that Alexa users will receive depends on the question being asked.

One example is a user asks for a grilled cheese recipe and is met by the voice of famed chef Gordon Ramsey. However, he is not exactly pleasant. In true character of the chef, he yells insults at the user about their inability to cook a decent meal.

Other celebrities joining the search for a new Alexa voice include Rebel Wilson, who tries way too hard to set the mood for a house party. Anthony Hopkins proves that as a talented Oscar winner he can make anything sounds good. Even though he uses his super creepy villain voice for Alexa, it still sounds amazing.

Then, of course, there is Cardi B, who is not the last celebrity in the spot but she kills it. When a user requests a country song, she comes on singing her hit song “Bodak Yellow”. Cardi B is amazing and would seriously make the best Alexa voice, especially if she could sing all of the answers to users questions.

Although the commercial is hilarious and a must see, don’t expect to hear one of your favorite stars on your home Alexa anytime soon. While the ad is searching for a new Alexa voice, the company is not changing the robot. However, that doesn’t mean the company shouldn’t keep Cardi B in mind when they are looking to switch up Alexa’s voice.

The Amazon “Alexa Lost Voice” ad is slated to debut some time during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LII. But you can check it out early by watching the below video!

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