Cassie’s Outfits On ‘The Bachelor’ Finale Are Total Opposites, But Equally As Beautiful

Well, Bachelor family, we made it to the finale. I honestly didn’t think we would make it here, considering Colton jumped a huge white fence and disappeared into the Portuguese wilderness for a hot second, but here we are. After much distress, turmoil, and suspense, Colton has gone from 30 women to zero women, and then to just one woman: Cassie. Whether you weren’t a fan of Cassie or you’re praising the Bachelor gods because she was your numero uno, you can’t deny how pretty Cassie’s outfits on The Bachelor finale and "After the Final Rose" is.

Cassie and Colton’s relationship has absolutely seen a good amount of ups and downs this season. Where Colton was immediately smitten with Cassie, and Cassie with Colton, the two were briefly driven apart during hometown dates, when Cassie’s father didn’t give Colton his permission to propose to Cassie. Once Colton eventually told Cassie about the denial during fantasy suite dates, it sparked doubt in Cassie regarding whether or not she felt she could eventually marry Colton. It didn’t help that Cassie’s dad also made a surprise appearance during the week of fantasy suites to drive home the point that marriage is a "lifelong commitment" that should only be made when you really know someone. Damn, dad.

Thus commenced a whirlwind of drama in which Cassie broke up with Colton, telling him she wasn’t sure she could give him the engagement he wanted at the end of this. In short, Colton angrily jumped a very, very tall white fence in his sadness over Cassie leaving and ran off into the night, prompting Chris Harrison and a gaggle of producers to panic and run after him to find him. After calming down, Colton was basically like "No, I still want Cassie," so he broke up with Tayshia, broke up with Hannah G. before she even got a fantasy suite date, and went after Cassie.

OK, I know this is getting long, so I’ll cut to the chase: Cassie agreed to take things day by day with Colton, and she agreed to go meet his family and have the rest of their fantasy suite date. Family meeting was awkward. Overnight date was steamy, I’m willing to guess, because the two are still together, dating, and taking things slowly.

But anyway, back to the outfits. On the night of Cassie’s fantasy suite, she absolutely stunned in a totally modern twist on the little black dress you know and love. She wore a halter neck-style nude dress with black lace overlay and a high-low hemline. It’s chic. It’s a little modern. And it’s positively my new favorite little black dress that I need 20 of immediately.

Later on the finale, Chris Harrison brought the still-newly-minted couple out for a little Q&A sesh. However, I couldn’t concentrate on a damn thing the two were saying because I was too fixated on Cassie’s bomb AF white jumpsuit. A totally opposite take on the LBD she wore on her fantasy suite date, Cassie’s white look was refreshing, glittering, and featured so many interesting details.

The metallic couture jumpsuit came courtesy of designer extraordinaire Randi Rahm, a longtime designer for many a Bachelorette and Bachelor contestant. The jumpsuit is part of Rahm’s Femme Floral collection, and features a criss-cross halter neckline (a favorite of Cassie’s it seems?) as well as triangular cut-outs on either side of her waist. The suit also boasts a fairly open back with straps that tie in the back. Here’s a full look at the jumpsuit on a model, styled a little differently than Cassie debuted:

Though this season of The Bachelor has ended, you haven’t seen the last of Rahm’s designs on the franchise. Keep your eyes peeled on this next season of The Bachelorette to see even more of Rahm’s looks grace the lovely Hannah B.

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