Cat takes hundreds of selfies on iPad and leaves fur all over the device

Pet owners likely have hundreds and thousands of pictures of their beloved pooches and kitties on their phones.

But most of them were probably taken by the humans as opposed to the pets.

For one woman, however, the abundance of selfies on her iPad were taken by the cat himself.

The Chinese student, who is currently living in Australia, shared the pictures her cat Er Niu had added to her device.

Er Niu, a seven-month-old had not only took a plethora of images on the iPad, but he also left a bunch of cat hair on the tablet.

The naughty cat also left plenty of pics of him grooming himself.

In some of the images, Er Niu is seen staring directly at the camera while in others, it’s as though he’s posing away.

In a few of the images he’s having a wash by licking himself.

Other images are a bit more abstract and show off an ear or just an eye.

Er Nui isn’t the only cat the student owns. She also has a one-year-old called Xiao Ai.

The pet owner posted the video on her Chinese TikTok-like page Douyin.

One of the commenters wrote on the video: ‘This is so cute! Er Niu is too smart. He has now learned how to take selfies.’

Another person said: ‘Who is he trying to send the photos to?’

A third one added: ‘Hahaha, it reminds of my kids trying to sneak a selfie with my phone.’

Have your pets left any selfies on your devices?

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