This ‘Very Cavallari’ Cast Member Is Bringing The Small-Town Charm To Nashville

Being Kristin Cavallari can’t be easy, which means being her assistant likely isn’t a cake walk either. Reagan Agee, who is Kristin Cavallari’s assistant, will be helping Cavallari manage her fashion line — as well as her life — and be seen doing so in Cavallari’s return to reality television in Very Cavallari. Agee is filling a high-pressure role, begging the question of whether or not she’ll be able to hold her own in the world of fashion branding.

Very Cavallari, premiering on E! at 10 p.m. ET on July 8, checks in with Laguna Beach and The Hills star Kristin Cavallari. But while there’s reality royalty at the center of it all, the show is filled with unfamiliar faces making their reality TV debut. Aside from Cavallari herself and her husband, former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, the show is filled with unfamiliar faces who help manage the first physical store for Cavallari’s fashion brand, Uncommon James.

Cavallari’s Uncommon James team also consists of her social media head Shannon, head of operations Brittainy Taylor, retail associate Wirth Campbell, and model Taylor Monaco, among others. Agee will be brushing shoulders with Cavallari’s team as well as tending to Cavallari’s needs at any given time. It’ll certainly be an adjustment for Agee, who was a Nashville-area hairdresser prior to becoming Cavallari’s assistant.

Agee revealed to her hometown paper, Florence, Alabama’s Times Daily, that despite loving her small-town roots, "I knew I had to get to a bigger city and meet people … I went to cosmetology school here and love doing hair … I like to do different things." While cosmetology school likely didn’t teach her all of the skills that she needs when working for Cavallari, she seems to have taken to the position well. In a promo clip featuring Cavallari speaking about her staff, she calls Agee her "little ball of sunshine. She literally is like rainbows and butterflies." Evoking feelings of pure goodness in the stressful world of fashion retail is no easy feat and indicates that whatever Agee is doing for Cavallari, she’s an absolute natural.

Agee may be effective at making Cavallari’s life seem breezy, but she admits that she had a little trouble adjusting to the position – specifically while being filmed. Agee told the Times Daily that "It took about two weeks to get used to it, and then it got natural … They told us we’d start relaxing to where we can be ourselves, and they were right." Agee’s new life as a reality show subject working for a former reality television star and owner of a rising fashion brand is a far cry from her small town roots, which may lead to a culture clash between her and Cavallari’s other staff, who may not relate.

While Agee is taking her first steps into the public eye, she’s adamant about staying true to her roots. Agee told the Times Daily that her friends and family have been sending her messages of support in the time leading up to the show’s premiere. "They are saying, ‘I know you’re gonna stay true to yourself.’ My mom said the paparazzi are going to be following me in Florence." From a glance at the cast, it appears as though Agee is more of an outsider in the world of fashion than anyone else working for Uncommon James, but that doesn’t mean she’s out of her depth. In fact, she may just be the perfect person to assist Cavallari because she isn’t from the world of fashion. Agee will have the chance to prove herself to the world when Very Cavallari premieres July 8 on E! at 10 p.m. ET.

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