Celebrity hairdresser reveals the mistakes we’re making with our hair

‘Treat your hair like a designer bag’: Celebrity colourist reveals the hair colouring mistakes we’re making at home AND at the salon

  • Jack Howard works with celebrities like Suki Waterhouse and Abby Clancy 
  • Reveals our hair colouring shortcuts could be damaging our long term colour
  • Shares his exclusive hair colouring tips so we never have a hair disaster again

A celebrity hairdresser has said that we should treat our coloured hair like we would a designer bag.  

Based in Knightsbride Jack Howard is known for bringing the balayage trend to the UK and he counts Gillian Anderson, Suki Waterhouse and Abby Clancy as his clients.  

 He told FEMAIL: ‘Treat your hair as you would a designer handbag or outfit. You’ve spent good money on colouring your hair so treat it with love and care.’

Here the colourist also tells us how to keep you hair colour looking fresh and vibrant by investing in a silk pillow and even making sure your shower water is filtered.

The celebrity colourist, Jack Howard (pictured) tells us why its important to know the science behind hair colouring and why you should  stop salon hopping

Understanding the science 

Most of us want a certain hair colour and zone in on that particular one when we’re colouring our own hair. But Jack said that’s where we’re going wrong.

Speaking to FEMAIL he said: ‘Hairdressers have trained for years and know exactly what colour to mix with another to get the right shade. 

‘We understand the science behind it, so its easy to get it wrong when you pick up a block colour from a supermarket shelf,’ Jack said, and admitted that a they just won’t ‘have the same effect as a salon colour will.’

‘Also a good colourist can see if your last colour application didn’t work well with your natural one and also how to correct that.’    

Model Abbey Clancy is a regular at Jack’s salon in Knightsbridge where he looks after her hair colour

Avoid shampoos with sulfates 

Most of us know that putting colour on to newly cleaned hair is a big no no, but Jack also says: ‘Colour holds better to dirty hair but you don’t want it too dirty that it needs washing as soon as your colour is in!’

And the same goes for afterwards, ‘The colour needs time to seep into the natural pigments of your hair so washing the hair would lift the colour right out. Avoid shampoos containing sulfates as this ingredient strips essential oils and colour from your hair, leaving it brittle and dry.’

While Jack also recommends sleeping on a a silk pillow, as they are ‘gentle on your hair whilst you sleep,’ and adding a filter to your shower head. ‘

‘Filtered water can help make the hair and scalp less dry and therefore less prone to damage. ‘

Suki Waterhouse regularly visits Jack Howard at this salon to get her blonde locks looking fresh

Jack Howard, who bought hair trend balayage to the UK also colours actor Gillian Anderson’s hair

 Stop salon hopping

It’s great when we find those half price vouchers or realise that the salon down the road has 20 per cent off, but our money saving tricks are costing us good hair colour according to Jack.

Jack said: ‘Its great to get discounts on hair colour, because it can get expensive.  But if you stick with just one colourist they can take you on a colour journey.  

‘Possibly making it lighter as it gets into spring, or experimenting with balayage or highlights.’

Jack said: ‘If you can stick with the same hair colourist they can take it on a journey which will mean you’ll always get the colour you want’. Pictured: A model styled by Jack

Jack said if you hop from salon to salon they won’t know the history of your hair colour. 

He continued: ‘If you have an all over colour in one salon, die your hair at home the next time, then have go to another salon for regrowth you could end up spending more in the process.

‘Sticking with the same hair colourist where they can take it on a journey means you’ll always get the colour you want.’  




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