Cersei & Tyrion Learn To Respect Each Other With Some Help From Elmo In This Hilarious Video

Respect is coming. In a new Sesame Street parody of Game Of Thrones, Elmo, First of His Name, Breaker of Bad Manners, has to teach the feuding Lannister siblings a little something about being polite. No easy task, since Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) and Cersei (Lena Headey) aren’t great at heart-to-hearts. They’re much better at drinking and knowing things. So, we bend the knee to Elmo’s ability to problem solve.

For Sesame Street‘s latest parody video, released Thursday, April 18, the children’s show headed to Westeros to help the Lannister siblings better communicate with one another. While Tyrion wants what’s best for Westeros, Cersei has a different plan. "And I only want for you to not get what you want," she says with her wine chalice close at hand.

While paying their debts is the Lannisters’ thing, compromise really isn’t. It’s why, Tyrion says, Cersei doesn’t have any friends, which is a pretty low blow because what would you call The Mountain? Sure, he’s mostly dead, but he is always by her side.

Luckily, Elmo, dressed in tiny, but very loud armor that looks inspired by Jon Snow, arrives just in time to help. "Elmo thinks you need to respect each other," he says. (And honestly, we agree.) But, he also offers some suggestions on how to achieve peace, telling them, "Elmo listens and learns from what they [another party] have to say."

Even Tyrion has to admit, this furry red guy who gives Tormund’s beard a run for its money gives pretty good advice. "If we stop fighting and work together," Tyrion says, "we can be stronger."

While Cersei seems a little apprehensive, it’s hard to say no to Elmo’s sweet face, so she does eventually utter, "I’ll try" to his question of whether she can listen for just a little while. "Trying is a great way to start," the always optimistic Elmo tells the usually feuding Lannisters.

"Respect brings us together," Sesame Street tweeted along with the video. And while that’s definitely true in Elmo’s world, back in the streets of King’s Landing, it’s unlikely that Cersei would give in so fast, even if fans wish she would. Currently, just one episode into Season 8, she’s already backtracked on her promise to help the rest of Westeros fight off the Night King. Tyrion might still be holding out hope that she’ll keep her word since he believes that she really is pregnant, which gives her something to fight for, but the audience (and Sansa Stark) knows better.

Cersei has never been trustworthy, which is why Sansa questioned how Tyrion could be so naive. Seriously, didn’t he see those shots of Cersei sipping wine in the last episode? The ones that could mean she’s faking her pregnancy or had a miscarriage? As Inverse pointed out, Cersei looks as if she’s holding back tears after Euron says he wants to impregnate her. Perhaps, it’s a sign that she lost the baby. Or it’s a sign that she’s got something else up her sleeve.

At this point, Cersei seems very disinterested in anything other than keeping the Iron Throne, and she’s willing to do anything to keep it. In other words, she isn’t exactly full of respect for her younger brother, or anyone else for that matter. But maybe — just maybe — if Elmo could teach Cersei how to share and respect others, it just might be the key to saving Westeros.

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